DEI Beyond the Data – Interview with Beau Scott

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DEI Beyond the Data – Interview with Beau Scott

An Executive Perspective On The Value Of DEI

Leadership teams play a crucial role in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within an organization. Their active involvement and commitment is essential to driving meaningful change and creating an inclusive culture. However, it’s important for leaders to understand when to drive things forward and when to pass the baton to the employees. To truly embed an inclusive culture, leadership teams must ensure that all voices are heard and that employees with lived experiences are given the autonomy to implement solutions.

On July 6th at 11am ET (4pm BST), Diversio will host a candid conversation with Beau Scott to take a closer look at the role that leadership teams can play in progressing diversity, equity, & inclusion – whilst enabling employees to take the driving seat.

Topics to be addressed:

  • Introductions
  • What role should leadership teams have in workplace DEI strategy?
  • The best ways to measure DEI inline with business KPI’s
  • Current DEI developments from a leadership perspective
  • Questions from the audience


Beau Scott, COO Anthemis Group

Having worked in 14 countries around the world and lived in 3, Beau has seen first hand the many ways in which diversity and inclusion can improve both the human experience and business outcomes. He started his career in labour relations and HR, before applying his experience with people leadership and culture change to large scale business transformation programs to improve transformation delivery and success. More recently he’s taken on broad leadership roles with Deloitte and Anthemis helping businesses connect people & purpose to scale, grow and make sustainable impact on the world. Beau truly believes that everyday human connection is the key to evolving inclusion in work and life.

Utsha Saha, Account Executive at Diversio

Diversio is the people intelligence platform that measures, tracks, and improves diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). By connecting artificial intelligence (AI) technology, sophisticated data analytics, and knowledgeable subject matter experts, Diversio is able to accurately diagnose your pain points, benchmark you against peers, and create a robust action plan that will meet your DEI goals. Through the unique combination of technology and human expertise, Diversio is driving meaningful impact for hundreds of organizations across over 35 countries globally.

Diversio – The Diversity Data Experts™

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