Diversio Insights

Powerful DEI Benchmarking Data

With the business world’s rapid evolution toward prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, understanding the state of DEI among your competitors and industry peers is a significant competitive advantage

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is Not a “Nice to Have,” It’s Your Competitive Advantage


The number of millennials that have left their company for a more inclusive one, and 49% say they will leave within 2 years


The average drop in a company’s market value following an Executive ‘bad behavior’ scandal
– Stanford


90% of consumers want brands to take a stand on equality, and 76% conduct follow-up research to see if they are authentic
– Cohn Communications

Diversio Insights

Powerful DEI Benchmarking Data

With the business world’s rapid evolution toward prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, understanding the state of DEI among your competitors and industry peers is a significant competitive advantage.

The Diversio Insights Platform allows you to do just that. Our proprietary software and vast database of information on companies across the globe lets you peer into an organization’s level of DEI commitment & progress, as well as access objective scoring to benchmark your own company.

From demographics on executive & board diversity to DEI policies and talent acquisition strategy, you have access to powerful information.

Our Insights Platform consists of two products:

  • Diversio Public Insights
  • Diversio Custom Insights

Diversio Insights Allows You to:

  • Benchmark your organization against industry peers & competitors
  • Evaluate your portfolio companies or suppliers for DEI progress & risk
  • Improve your organization’s talent acquisition & retention strategies
  • Track overall industry progress in DEI practices
  • Evaluate companies for future investment, acquisition or partnership
  • Attract investors by demonstrating your DEI programming’s relative strength

The Future is Inclusive

Diversio Insights Platform

2 Benchmarking Options

1) Diversio Public Insights

Instant Data on Nearly 1,000 Global Companies

Our Public Insights tool aggregates publicly available data from some of the world’s largest, most prominent companies and assesses them on 35 unique data points like board & executive diversity (including race, gender, & ethnicity) inclusion, and forward-looking plans & commitments to DEI initiatives to create a unique Diversio Score. This score provides comparative rankings and benchmarking in multiple data categories:

  • Board & Executive Gender Diversity
  • Board & Executive Racial & Ethnic Diversity
  • Inclusive Culture
  • Fair Management
  • Career Development
  • Workplace Flexibility
  • Workplace Safety
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Forward-looking DEI policies

2) Diversio Custom Insights

Bespoke Data Aggregation and Analysis

The Custom Insights tool allows you to choose your own dataset of companies to benchmark (individually or through CSV upload), and provides a much more robust range of metrics.

Custom Insights uses 75 unique data points to create a more detailed and nuanced analysis of each organization’s DEI situation. This allows you to get a deeper understanding of a specific organization’s (or group of organizations) level of DEI commitment, where their risks lie, and how your DEI programming compares.

Feature Comparison Chart

One Platform. Two Powerful Tools.

The Diversio Public Insights tool allows you to quickly analyze and compare hundreds of high-profile organizations and dozens of industries. But many situations call for more detailed and robust data on specific companies to guide business decisions and growth strategies, which is where Diversio Custom Insights comes in.

  Public Insights Custom Insights
Data Coverage 750+ Companies Unlimited
Diversity Data    
Executive Diversity
Board Diversity
Employee Diversity
Advancement Data
Turnover Data
Applicant / Hiring Data
Inclusion Data    
Inclusion Metrics
Detailed Employee Engagement
Disaggregated Insights
Intersectionality Assessment
Programs & Policies    
DEI Policy
Talent Acquisition Strategy
Employee Engagement Policy

The Future is Inclusive

Diversio Insights Features

Unmatched Industry Benchmarking

The Insights Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard provides a powerful and easy-to-use interface to peer into an organization’s DEI score & rankings, with sophisticated tools to unlock detailed information on specific data points like Board & Executive diversity, including Gender & Ethnicity.

Detailed Metrics

The insights Dashboard shows you detailed breakdowns of each data point, and compares it to the industry average to highlight strenghts and weaknesses within the organization.

Level of Commitment

With information on organizational aspects such as Policy & Governance and level of Transparency & Data Disaggregation, Diversio’s Insights Platform intelligently measures far more than an company’s basic demographic data.

Powered by AI

Diversio’s unique technology was developed by a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, diversity advocates and engineers. The system uses natural language processing and matching algorithms to add rigor and accuracy to your diversity, equity, & inclusion strategy.

Additional Features

For Public, Private, & Portfolio Organizations

Bias Corrector

Plugs in to your company’s messaging platform to analyze team dynamics and cultural challenges. Integrates with our Recommendation Engine to help teams combat their unconscious biases and improve their everyday interactions.

Social Media Barometer

Scans social media in real-time to gauge public perception of your company for diversity & inclusion DEI. Provides you with an Inclusion Risk Score to help you improve reputation and prevent a public scandal.

Sentiment Analyzer

Applies Natural Language Processing to employee feedback to measure up to 26 inclusion indicators, including toxic culture, harassment, team building, biased management and more.

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Melissa Sariffodeen – Co-Founder & CEO of Canada Learning Code