How organizations can support & empower employees with disabilities

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Employees with both physical and/ or hidden disabilities can experience biases, exclusion, and inequitable working environments. 

As a result, some studies show as high as 75% of people to report not feeling comfortable enough to disclose their disabilities when job hunting (Forbes, 2023).

Many recruitment processes and working arrangements are inaccessible, failing to support employees with disabilities to sustain jobs and progress in their careers. 

There are many different types of disabilities, and individuals will often have their own needs and accommodations to be able to be safe, comfortable, and happy at work. 

Many organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of supporting and empowering employees with disabilities, but it can be difficult to know where to begin, and to ensure the workplace remains inclusive for the long-term. 

Join Diversio on August 17th, 12pm ET, to discuss the key steps organizations can take to attract, retain, and empower employees with disabilities. 

Topics to be addressed:

  • Biases & challenges faced by employees with disabilities
  • Accessible recruiting & hiring for employees with disabilities 
  • Providing accommodations for an inclusive working environment 
  • Strategies to support and empower employees with disabilities 
  • How Diversio can help 


Niké Gichuru – Diversio Senior Advisor, EDU 

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