ILPA Due Diligence Questionnaire

DEI Policy Starter Pack

With ILPA’s recent updates to its Due Diligence Questionnaire regarding diversity & inclusion policies, many would fail to meet the benchmark the DDQ sets. In an effort to help organizations respond to these new requirements, as well as provide a template for proper DEI practices, Diversio has created a set of DEI policy templates to specifically meet the standards set by ILPA.

By purchasing these templates, you get a complete set of corporate policies covering the full range of relevant topics & departments. After downloading, you can fill in your own organization’s legal entity name, and then implement, saving thousands in fees to your legal team, as well as the significant time investment researching and writing these policies would take.

Save $500 by pre-ordering using the form below before our ILPA DDQ policy templates are available for download December 16th.

The following documents are included in the Policy Pack:

  • Anti-harassment & Discrimination Policy
  • DEI Policy Template (Firm)
  • DEI Policy Template (Company)
  • DEI Policy Template (Portco)
  • Inclusive Recruiting & Hiring Policy
  • Employee Engagement & Retention Programs
  • Diversity Metrics (Firm)
  • Diversity Metrics (Portco)
  • Code of Conduct (Firm)
  • Code of Conduct (Portco)
  • Family Leave Policy
  • VC Partnerships How-to Guide
  • PE Partnerships How-to Guide
  • Performance Appraisal Process

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    “Diversio’s technology provided us with invaluable, data-driven recommendations that were seamless to implement and tailored to our needs. By partnering with Diversio, we are able to track our progress and foster empowerment, innovation and success through diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

    Catherine Fendall – HR Director, Alberta Blue Cross