Diversio Basic

Diversio Basic


Not every organization is ready for the comprehensive DEI analysis, diagnostics, business process changes, or advanced training the our Diversio for Companies platform provides. For smaller companies, or those that are just beginning their DEI journey, easy-to-implement data insights provide all the tools and information needed to create a basic DEI plan.

With a lower price point, self-serve software modelsimple interface, and a built-in upgrade pathDiversio Basic was created to be the perfect platform for these organizations, allowing them to create a more inclusive and competitive business environment.

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Our full Diversio Basic overview is outlined on this page.


  • Self-serve – No assistance needed to set up and implement 
  • Pre-built Pulse Survey – Get all the diversity & inclusion data you need, while protecting the anonymity and privacy of your staff
  • Custom Dashboard – Diversio Basic comes with a custom dashboard that aggregates and interprets the data collected by the survey, giving you detailed metrics on your organization’s diversity & inclusion metrics
  • Upgrade Path – As your organization and DEI program mature, you can upgrade to the full Diversio dashboard while retaining historical data, giving you access to advanced features like our AI-powered Recommendation Engine, DEI Certifications, Online DEI Courses, custom training, and guidance & support from our amazing team of subject matter experts