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Unconscious Bias

Identify personal biases & understand their impact in the workplace. Equip employees with tools to mitigate the impacts of bias to foster a more diverse, inclusive, & equitable work environment.

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Unconscious bias is a pervasive yet often overlooked issue that affects decision-making, workplace dynamics, and overall organizational performance. This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand, recognize, and address unconscious biases.

Training outline & objectives

The business case

  • Understand how unconscious bias can impact business performance, innovation, and employee satisfaction.
  • Review case studies and real-world examples that illustrate the consequences of unaddressed bias.

Defining & recognizing unconscious bias

  • Understand the difference between conscious and unconscious bias
  • Examine the various forms of unconscious bias, such as affinity bias, confirmation bias, and gender bias.
  • Learn to recognize the subtle cues and behaviors that may indicate the presence of unconscious bias in yourself and others.

Understand the effects of unconscious bias

  • Explore the psychological mechanisms behind unconscious bias, including cognitive shortcuts
    and social conditioning
  • Analyze how unconscious bias influences decision-making processes, including hiring, promotions,
    and team dynamics
  • Discuss the broader societal implications of unchecked bias and its impact on diversity and inclusion efforts

Practical mitigation tactics

  • Explore personal, team, and company-level mitigation strategies for mitigating unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Explore techniques for reducing bias in recruitment, performance evaluations, and everyday interactions.
  • Discuss how to build self-awareness and accountability in addressing bias.

This training will help your leaders & managers

Define inclusive leadership

Engage direct repors with empathy

Influence upwards with inclusion

Drive equitable business decisions

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