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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting

A strategy partner to enhance workplace diversity and build a more equitable, inclusive business.


Companies who invest in diversity, equity, & inclusion are:


More innovative


More profitable


More likely to attract
& retain talent

Consulting OVERVIEW

Diversio helps organizations deploy & broaden their DEI strategy

It can be challenging to measure effectiveness of DEI initiatives, or even know where to start. At Diversio, our experts help companies unlock value and impact through DEI. 

Expert DEI Consulting Services

Diversio Consulting Services teach employees to effectively communicate and work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Promote a more inclusive and harmonious workplace culture, and enhance collaboration, creativity, and productivity, while reducing the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts. 

Consulting Services that accelerate DEI progress

Custom crisis communication toolkit
DEI strategy creation rooted in purpose & business outcomes
Guidance to help you plan your DEI content calendar
Policy & document review
Employment equity support
Focus groups on internal policies & practices

customer story

Performance tools that empower
managers & employees​

“At Hudson’s Bay, we believe that the diversity in our workforce makes us stronger and with our commitment to learning and growing, we can continue to break down barriers. Our partnership with Diversio will help us make improvements to better serve the diverse needs of all our Store Associates and our customers.”
Wayne Drummond
President | Hudson's Bay
30,000+ Employees

 Looking for more to build your DEI Program?

Allyship, Compliance, & Custom Training

Thoughtfully curated & expertly developed training providing skills & tools to advance DEI for individuals & organizations.

Annual Certifications

Professional & business certifications to display your commitment to DEI to your peers, industry, & audience.

DEI Toolkits

Training modules, suggested policies, & other devices to better equip you to drive change.


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Register today for compelling, global events to help you build a more inclusive & engaged workplace.
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World-Class Support

The help you need, when you need it. Our DEI experts provide best practices, team communication recommendations, & general advice as you develop a more inclusive & harmonious workplace culture.

Join our Community

Changemakers is an engaged DEI community providing resources & support for those working towards a better tomorrow around the world. Join our invite-only community to learn firsthand from experts who have built & scaled DEI programs & connect with peers who are just figuring things out.

Leverage DEI to build a better workplace & drive your business

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DEI Consultancy Guide

What is a DEI consultant?

A DEI consultant is an expert specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion, offering strategic guidance to organizations aiming to foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace. They assess current practices, develop tailored strategies, and implement training programs to address DEI challenges, ultimately enhancing organizational culture and performance.

What does a DEI consultant do?

A DEI consultant performs a comprehensive role, including assessing organizational DEI practices, developing tailored strategies, and implementing programs to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion. They work closely with businesses to identify areas for improvement, provide training, and offer ongoing support to ensure the successful integration of DEI principles into everyday operations.

What is the average cost for DEI consulting?

The average cost for DEI consulting varies significantly based on factors like the consultant’s expertise, the project scope, and organizational size. Hourly rates can range based on experience, with comprehensive packages potentially costing more depending on the depth of services provided

How to pick the best DEI consulting services

Selecting the optimal DEI consulting service involves a multi-step approach aimed at finding a partner that aligns with your organization’s unique needs and values:

Initial considerations:

  • Assess your DEI goals: Clearly define what you hope to achieve with DEI initiatives to ensure the consulting service can meet these expectations.

Research & evaluation:

  • Examine credentials & experience: Look for consultants with a robust background in DEI, including relevant qualifications and a history of impactful work.
  • Review methodologies: Choose consultants who employ evidence-based approaches and can adapt their strategies to your specific organizational context.

Selection criteria:

  • Customization & flexibility: Ensure the service offers tailored solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Client testimonials & case studies: Seek feedback from past clients to gauge the consultant’s effectiveness and the tangible outcomes of their work.

Final steps:

  • Compatibility check: The consultant should resonate with your organization’s culture and values for a successful partnership.
  • Ongoing support: Opt for consultants who provide follow-up support to facilitate sustained DEI growth and development within your organization.

By meticulously following these steps, you can identify a DEI consulting service that will not only meet your immediate goals but also contribute to long-lasting positive change in your organization’s culture.

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