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Increase business outcomes with employees that feel engaged and included in workplace culture. 



Employee voice at scale

Quantify employee experiences with data

Empower leaders to create the best culture. Compare diversity, inclusion, equity, and engagement in a single platform through an intersectional lens.

Measure the level of:

engagement, motivation, and commitment employees feel towards their work and the organization by assessing:

  • Diversity in hiring & promotion
  • Cultural competence
  • Job satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Recognition
  • Career development

Employee experience data in one platform

Diversio surfaces opportunity areas, categorizes the results, and identifies potential systemic bias, while maintaining complete anonymity to protect employees. Diversio captures more than demographic data, in a short format proven to increase participation rates while maintaining anonymity.

Identify opportunity areas

for a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Start your journey towards a more inclusive workplace with qualitative and quantitative data assessed by AI technology for customized recommendations.

Close the loop on employee feedback

Develop custom, metric-driven, and action-focused goals to address your opportunity areas, informed by the Recommendation Engine’s™ insights. Implement an employee engagement strategy informed by accurate and nuanced sentiments collected from your team.

Track the impact of programming

to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention for a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Start your journey with qualitative and quantitative data assessed by AI technology for customized recommendations.

When your people thrive, so does your business

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Engagement survey templates for:

Employee benefits
Change management
Return to work
Employee engagement
Professional development
Employee onboarding
Employee attitude
Employee NPS
Employee offboarding
“Our government, legal, and compliance group started their own inclusion project and their inclusion scores increased 11 points year over year because they started doing the work. They started onboarding new employees better, taking time to have separate conversations on what it feels like being across a different diversity dimension.”
Tyjondah Kerr
Director of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion | Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation
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Consulting services

Our DEI experts can guide you through best practices for communications & interactions with colleagues from diverse backgrounds & perspectives, as well as best practices for developing a more inclusive & harmonious workplace culture.

Annual Certifications

Professional & workplace certifications to display your commitment to DEI to your peers, industry, & audience.

DEI Toolkits

Training modules, suggested policies, & other devices to better equip you to drive change.


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The help you need, when you need it. Our DEI experts provide best practices, team communication recommendations, & general advice as you develop a more inclusive & harmonious workplace culture.

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