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Includes inclusion and demographic data with the national average and industry peers.


Industry Benchmark OVERVIEW

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Benchmark insights spanning job function, industries, & regions

  • Data we’ve collected in 1-1 engagements
  • Data from partnerships & industry body analyses
  • Publicly available demographics & industry analyses

Benchmark demographic information

Compare demographic data, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability), to both the national average and industry peers.

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Compare Inclusion Metric™ performance

Benchmark data to understand how your industry performs for each Inclusion Metric™ and set targets for improvement within your industry. Understanding how peers are performing when it comes to Workplace Safety or inclusivity provides a good starting point to become an industry leader. 


Career Development

Providing all employees with opportunities to grow & advance internally

Fair Management

Managers who are fair & unbiased towards all employees

Inclusive Culture

An environment where everyone feels heard & valued by their team

Workplace Flexibility

Enabling all individuals to establish a healthy work-life balance

Workplace Safety

Ensuring all employees are not experiencing sexual, psychological or physical, harassment

Recruiting & Hiring

Ensuring a workplace in which the hiring pipeline reflects the diversity of the communities the organization operates within

Internationally recognized framework

Diversio’s benchmarking categories are defined by internationally recognized business categories, providing organizations the flexibility to be as specific or broad as is possible. By following the same best practices as governments and enterprises in Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America, users can trust their benchmark data.
“The Diversio platform is very data-driven, and I love the dashboard. Its so engaging and easy to maneuver, and you can filter out the data you want. In my years of being in the DEI space, it kind of sets Diversio apart from the competition.”
Reshad Ali
Senior Manager, DE&I Strategic Advisor | Hudson Bay Company
30,000+ Employees

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Our DEI experts can guide you through best practices for communications & interactions with colleagues from diverse backgrounds & perspectives, as well as best practices for developing a more inclusive & harmonious workplace culture.

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Professional & workplace certifications to display your commitment to DEI to your peers, industry, & audience.

DEI Toolkits

Training modules, suggested policies, & other devices to better equip you to drive change.


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