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Based on industry leading frameworks, OTPP’s DEI Playbook provides our portfolio companies with an actionable resource to support them in their DEI journeys. Supported by a maturity assessment tool, the playbook meets portfolio companies where they are at and provides tangible suggestions on how to move to the next level of maturity, while accommodating the needs of various stakeholders.
Ceridian’s Achieving Corporate Equity (ACE) is an internal professional development program where selected employees work with firm leaders and a life and career coach to balance cultural norms with career goals. ACE has led to increased talent retention, employee referrals, eNPS, and participant promotion rate. With the success of the single 2022 cohort, Ceridian has announced two cohorts for 2023 and four for 2024.
Aiming to create a culture of inclusion for all employees, OLG has supported six volunteer-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Since implementing the ERGs, OLG has seen a 20% increase in engagement, an increase in inclusion scores from 56 to 62, and an increase in OLG employee Net Promoter Score (NPS).
The BOLD Student Mentorship Program (BSMP) is an early-career employee-led pairing of BIPOC post-secondary students with Accenture consultants. Over three cohorts, BSMP has seen 145 student participants, all of whom would recommend the program to other students, and of those who have received an offer to join Accenture, all have accepted.
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