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The world’s first AI-based DEI platform

Powered by AI technology and backed with a first-of-its-kind Recommendation Engine™, the Diversio Platform quantifies experiences, uncovers biases, identifies solutions, and tracks progress for a measurably more inclusive workplace. DEI enables  investment professionals and leaders to leverage DEI for increased returns and improved reputation.

Quickly capture data & gain critical DEI insights across portfolios

Diversio makes capturing, reporting, analyzing, and tracking DEI data for public and private market exposure simple, efficient, and easy. Analyze Inclusion Metric™ performance to surface risks and manage potential liabilities.

Enhance the value creation strategy

Collected data is displayed in a simple and detailed Inclusion Heat Map™ that outlines Inclusion Metric™ performance and highlights opportunity areas, quickly identifying portfolio companies that need additional DEI support to increase their value.

Proven AI-powered business solutions

The Recommendation Engine™ creates a bespoke plan to address clearly identified, opportunity areas with proven, academically-validated, real-world solutions. After implementing initiatives, multidimensional performance data tracks progress.

Benchmark against industry peers

Diversio’s robust dataset of 10,000+ of companies across the globe, provides unmatched industry benchmarking. The results will also complement fundamental investment analysis with DEI data to account for private and public market exposure.

Attract & retain top talent

Create an inclusive company culture to improve performance & reduce turnover. Improve employee engagement and signal a commitment to inclusion efforts and DEI goals for new candidates.

Eliminate social & fiscal risk

Analyze DEI metrics of portfolio companies and external asset managers to manage risks by avoiding harassment scandals and potential liabilities. Assess the current state, and eliminate problems before they go public.

How Diversio solves DEI challenges for public, private, & portfolio organizations

The Diversio Platform captures, analyzes, and benchmarks DEI data across portfolio companies. It provides consolidated portfolio metrics, with AI-generated and academically validated recommendations and actionable insights for improving DEI-related opportunity areas. It is able to highlight each portfolio company’s social risk exposure and potential internal issues, and empowers leaders to make informed decisions and  confidently attract investment professionals.

Address legal

Compliant in ~70
jurisdictions globally

Build trust &
encourage disclosure

Easy to understand education materials & communications for founders & employees for higher response rates

Overcome resource constraints: tech & FTEs

Best in class systems, security, & storage practices & standards, the same used for global banks & investment professionals

Provide an
action plan

Receive expert recommendations for setting measurable goals and how to reach them


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All employee DEI data in one place

Guaranteed data security & privacy

DEI data pulled from HRIS or employee surveys that help leaders understand if action is needed within their organization while providing a deeper understanding of their teams. This data can be used to identify existing biases, gaps, or issues and work to improve them.

“Diversio’s support was critical in enabling us to create a resilient and inclusive workplace. As a result of this engagement, we meaningfully advanced gender equality across our organization.”
Simon Baker
CEO | BakerAvenue
27+ Employees

DEI can be integrated through the investment

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Allyship, Compliance, & Custom Training

Thoughtfully curated & expertly developed training providing skills & tools to advance DEI for individuals & organizations.

Consulting Services

Our DEI experts can guide individuals through best practices for interpersonal interactions & developing a more inclusive & harmonious workplace culture.

DEI Toolkits

Training modules, suggested policies, & other devices to better equip teams to drive change.

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