How it works

From industry benchmarking to our revolutionary AI-powered Recommendation Engine™, there’s nothing like Diversio on the market. Diversio’s unique technology is academically validated and developed by a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, diversity advocates, and engineers. The system uses natural language processing and matching algorithms to add rigor and accuracy to your diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy.

Feature Comparison Chart

EDGE Culture
Qlearsite Glint Qualtrics
Training & Toolkits
Data Collection and Compliance Monitoring
Qualitative Human Overlay
Personalized Results Dashboard
Industry Benchmarks
Inclusion Breakdown Tool (Intersectionality)
Inclusion Pain Point Identifier
Natural Language Processing Technology
Detailed Breakdown of Employee Demographics
Diversity Breakdown by Role
Diversity Certification
Inclusion tracker
Anonymous Free Text Responses
AI-Powered Recommendation Engine
Access to popular resources within the community
Track Progress Over Time
DEI Calendar
Custom questions and engagement
User Roles and Permissions Coming Soon
Robust and Customized DEI Goal Setting
Department Goal Setting Coming Soon
Harassment Risk Warning Banner
Multiple benchmarks (Industry and National Population)
Research-Based Inclusion Metric™ Framework

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