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This page lists all updates to the product in reverse chronological order. Book a demo to learn more about the functionality of the Diversio Platform and how it can help you improve company culture, equity, and engagement.


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July 2023 - Jewish/White change This platform update addresses the complexities of ethno-religious identities. Those who select Jewish and White are "double counted" in the platform allowing representation to go towards both white and jewish identities. This creates a more accurate picture of diversity at the organization.
November 2022 - programs and tools launch As a huge update, Diversio has added the programs library directly in the platform. This release is for all clients and includes the ability to set goals from insights and access recommended programs based on those insights

October 2022- Ethnicity anonymity threshold removed This platform update removed the anonymity threshold of 8 from the platform allowing clients to view their full representation of visible diversity traits, and supports them in meeting reporting standards
September 2022 - Diversio Basic Launch Launched a new product, a standalone, self-service, slimed down version of our legacy Diversio platform. This platform allows you to create your survey, track response rates, and access results instantly all on your own