DEI reporting made easy

Instantly create a simple, clear, confidential, and accurate view of your organization’s diversity, equity, & inclusion


Measuring Inclusion

6-part Inclusion Framework™  to measure success

Each Inclusion Metrics™ targets a specific area of employee inclusion experience, or a lack thereof. Together, these key metrics provide a comprehensive look at an organization’s overall culture.


Career Development

Providing all employees with opportunities to grow & advance internally

Fair Management

Managers who are fair & unbiased towards all employees

Inclusive Culture

An environment where everyone feels heard & valued by their team

Workplace Flexibility

Enabling all individuals to establish a healthy work-life balance

Workplace Safety

Ensuring all employees are not experiencing sexual, psychological or physical harassment

Recruiting & Hiring

Ensuring a workplace in which the hirning pipeline reflects the diversity of the communities the organization operates within.

Calculating your Inclusion Score™

The Score is derived from the results of each Inclusion Metric™ and aggregated to measure an organization’s comprehensive diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement performance. This establishes a starting point after the initial Pulse Survey.

Compare demographic segments to the Dominant Group

The Dominant Group is calculated by identifying the most prevalent demographic makeup of the senior-most leaders. The Diversio Platform compares the Dominant Group’s experiences and Inclusion Metrics™ scores, to the experiences and Scores of other, non-dominant groups. The Dominant Group score never accounts for more than 30% of the total Inclusion Score,™ ensuring non-dominant groups have a voice. The closer together these scores are, the more inclusive the organization.

Benchmark against your industry peers

With Diversio’s robust dataset of 10,000+ of companies across the globe, you can gain valuable insights on how your organization stacks up against your industry peers.

Recommended & customized goal setting

These key metrics and processes provide a detailed understanding of opportunity areas, enabling specific, direct, and measurable goal setting. The Diversio Platform provides recommended goals, but users can also define and track custom goals within the Inclusion Framework™.

customer story

How privacy impacts your DEI initiatives

Capture data & identify opportunities

Gather robust, comprehensive data while retaining anonymnity

Improve inclusion & engagement

Leverage technology for actionable solutions

A global database

of continuously growing programs, policies, tools, & best practices, tested by clients & validated by academic institutions, to generate proven interventions specific to your unique opportunity areas.

Matching algorithms

identify the highest-impact solutions relevant to an organization’s diagnoses & organizational structure. The AI system also continually learns & refines its predictive capabilities as it takes in new data from all Diversio clients (public & private, enterprise & SMEs).

AI technology

developed by a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, diversity advocates, & engineers. The Platform uses natural language processing & matching algorithms to add rigor and accuracy to your diversity, equity, & inclusion strategy.

A team of DEI experts

to provide dedicated support to clients, by providing quarterly consultations, developing action plans, leading targeted training sessions, & hosting DEI workshops.

Track & report performance

With measurable goals

Leverage DEI to build a better workplace & drive your business

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Guaranteed data security & privacy

DEI data pulled from HRIS or employee surveys that help leaders understand if action is needed within their organization while providing a deeper understanding of their teams. This data can be used to identify existing biases, gaps, or issues and work to improve them.

International compliance & anonymity

All data Diversio collects is privately held on secure servers and maintains anonymity throughout the process, even with HRIS integrations. Diversio is compliant with local laws, policies, and regulations around the world, including the EU’s GDPR regulations.

Enterprise-grade security

The Diversio Platform is equipped with enterprise-grade security, privacy, anonymity, and GDPR compliance. All Diversio plans include multi-factor authentication (MFA) and two-factor authentication (2FA) for all users to ensure user data is kept safe.

Regulation compliance

Ensure your organization is meeting regulatory and investor reporting requirements including:

  • EEO-1 mandatory reporting on employee gender, race,
    & sexual orientation
  • Bill C-25 mandatory reporting on board & senior leadership diversity
  • ILPA reporting framework on ESG reporting for LPs and GPs
“Equity really means looking at who’s not being well served by our processes our policies and procedures so that we can actively and intentionally remove the barrier, and the data that we have now from our Diversio dashboards really allows us to answer that question.”
Ekua Quansah (she/her)
Head of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
400+ Employees

More reasons to choose Diversio

The world’s first AI-based DEI platform

Our award-winning dashboard, powered by AI technology and backed with a first-of-its-kind Recommendation Engine ™, quantifies experiences, uncovers biases, identifies solutions, and tracks progress. The result is a measurably more inclusive workplace.

Quickly capture & analyze data

Get results in 2 weeks or less using our unique Pulse Survey, built to increase participation rates while gathering much more than simple demographic data.

Powerful, fast, & easy to use

Our powerful and easy-to-use dashboard uses our proprietary “Inclusion Score™” to easily identify opportunity areas, diagnose the cause, & track improvements to DEI metrics.

Attract & retain top talent

Create an inclusive company culture to improve performance, employee satisfaction, & reduce turnover, as well as signal your commitment to DEI for new candidates.

Diversio for investment professionals

All it takes is one negative tweet to ruin an organization’s reputation & customer base. Identify potential issues and eliminate problems before they go public.

Leverage DEI to build a better workplace & drive your business

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