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Data & Analytics Overview

Meaningful insights in minutes

Demographic & engagement data to drive change


employee happiness and DEI across your organization. Engage employees with our dynamic survey tools—choose from efficient 4-minute templates, craft your questions for deeper exploration, or integrate directly with HRIS data. Gather actionable data that reflects your organization's specific DEI journey.


real-time sentiment and uncover systemic biases through our platform’s AI and natural language processing capabilities. Analyze feedback to pinpoint challenges and improve inclusivity with actionable insights.


diversity, equity, and inclusion with our interactive dashboard, dynamically tracking employee representation and sentiment. Overcome common obstacles of insufficient data and lack of insights to quantify impact and improve returns.

Guaranteed anonymity, security, & privacy

With Diversio, the promise of complete anonymity unlocks above-average employee response rates of up to 80%.

International compliance

Customizable reporting, auto generated reporting templates, and ESG reporting capabilities across 35+ countries.

Data privacy & anonymity

All data collected by Diversio is privately held on secure servers and maintains anonymity throughout the process, even with HRIS integrations.

Enterprise-grade security

All Diversio plans include multi-factor authentication (MFA), GDPR compliance, and two-factor authentication (2FA).

“(We) really focused on the diversio recommendations that were made. We created specific goals and aimed to be very transparent with our employees along the way. So some of those positive outcomes and the progress that we made... currently 60% of our employees belong to diverse categories, 61% of our investment professionals are in those diverse categories, 46% of our partners and 64% of our new hires from the past three years come from those categories... and I'm very proud to say that our Diversio score jumped from 76.9 to 82.5 in the past two years.”
Christina Neilson
Chief Administrative Officer | Corbin Capital Partners
55+ Employees

Measure inclusion & engagement with the Inclusion Framework™

Comprehensive and academically-validated across 100,000+ employees globally to assess systemic biases and barriers, each of these metrics targets a specific areas in which employees can experience inclusion or a lack thereof. 


Career Development

Providing all employees with opportunities to grow & advance internally

Fair Management

Managers who are fair & unbiased towards all employees

Inclusive Culture

An environment where everyone feels heard & valued by their team

Workplace Flexibility

Enabling all individuals to establish a healthy work-life balance

Workplace Safety

Ensuring all employees are not experiencing sexual, psychological or physical harassment

Recruiting & Hiring

Ensuring a workplace in which the hirning pipeline reflects the diversity of the communities the organization operates within.

customer story

What people love about Diversio

customer story

What people love about Diversio

Unlock business returns with DEI

Without inclusion, workforces can be diverse, but employees may still feel excluded.


of Hispanic employees report being denied promotions due to racial discrimination, despite being America’s largest minority group making up 19% of the total population and 17% of the workforce.


of black women in leadership feel that they were overlooked for promotional or professional development opportunities, according to a UK study of 250 women.


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World-Class Support

The help you need, when you need it. Our DEI experts provide best practices, team communication recommendations, & general advice as you develop a more inclusive & harmonious workplace culture.

Join our Community

Changemakers is an engaged DEI community providing resources & support for those working towards a better tomorrow around the world. Join our invite-only community to learn firsthand from experts who have built & scaled DEI programs & connect with peers who are just figuring things out.

Diversity Analytics Guide

What is DEI diversity analytics platform? 

DEI analytics software is a powerful tool designed to assess and enhance organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion. It captures and analyzes data related to employee demographics, sentiments, and experiences, offering actionable insights. This helps companies understand and improve their workplace culture and diversity practices, which impact employee engagement and business returns.

What are some DEI analytics tips?

  • Engage all levels: Ensure participation from all levels of the organization for comprehensive data
  • Regular assessment: Conduct regular assessments to track progress & identify areas for improvement
  • Actionable insights: Use the data to inform & implement practical strategies for enhancing DEI in your organization

Ensuring data security in DEI analytics: How safe is your sensitive information?

In DEI data analytics, data security is paramount. We take this seriously, implementing advanced security measures to protect sensitive information.

These measures include strict data anonymization and encryption protocols. By prioritizing the safety and privacy of DEI data, Diversio ensures that the information you entrust is handled with the utmost care and security, fostering a trustworthy environment for your DEI initiatives.

Learn more about privacy and security here.

Can Diversio’s analytics easily fit into our existing systems?

Our diversity data analytics software’s engineered for seamless integration with existing systems, aiming to minimize any disruption in your organization’s workflow. Additionally, Diversio provides comprehensive technical support to facilitate smooth implementation, ensuring a hassle-free integration process. This approach makes the adoption of DEI analysis as efficient and effective as possible.

Learn more about HRIS integration.

Cost-benefit analysis of DEI analysis: Is the financial investment justifiable?

Investing in DEI analytics extends beyond a simple cost analysis. These tools provide deep insights into workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion, leading to significant organizational benefits.

DEI analytics can enhance employee satisfaction and retention, improve company culture, and boost overall performance. Additionally, a diverse and inclusive workplace often correlates with better innovation and market reach. These benefits, translating into direct and indirect financial gains, invest in DEI analytics, a strategic and economically sound decision for organizations aiming to thrive in today’s diverse market landscape.

Customizing DEI analytics to your organizational needs

  • Assessment of unique organizational profile: Diversio’s analytics tools begin by understanding your organization’s unique cultural & structural aspects
  • Tailored metrics & KPIs: Based on this, specific metrics & key performance indicators are tailored to align with your organization’s DEI goals
  • Flexible data collection & reporting: The software is adaptable, allowing for data collection & reporting that suits your organizational needs

This approach ensures that DEI analytics are not just generic but specifically customized to offer the most relevant and impactful insights for your organization.

Accuracy in workforce DEI platform: Can we trust the insights provided?

  • Rigorous data collection: Diversio’s platform ensures accurate data collection through meticulous methodologies
  • Comprehensive analysis: The data undergoes thorough analysis to provide reliable insights
  • Trustworthy decision-making: This level of accuracy allows organizations to confidently base their decisions on the insights provided by Diversio.

Learn more about Diversio’s Inclusion Framework here


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