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Teams & leaders can both earn DEI certification with Diversio for quantifiable improvement in equitable and inclusive management and customizable survey strategies with transparent pricing.


Become a DEI Certified workplace

Showcase a commitment to diversity, equity, & inclusion

Drive quantifiable DEI advancements with interactive dashboards and regular pulse checks, ensuring your efforts toward a diverse and inclusive workplace are both visible and impactful. Broadcast your DEI milestones through dashboard insights and quantifiable returns. 

An enhanced reputation to attract & retain talent

Advertise organizational values to reinforce a positive reputation & build customer trust. Leverage inclusion to maintain a talented, diverse workforce with a culture of creativity & innovation by using engagement tools and survey customization.

A more inclusive & equitable workplace starts with training

Increase your inclusion score with DEI training for your organization today. Diversio's course catalogue offers training for every inclusion level. We will meet you where you are, no matter where you are in your DEI journey.

Diversio Bronze DEI Certification

A certification process for companies to commit to their DEI journey through documented data collection, goal setting, and education to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at their organization.

Diversio Silver DEI Certification

A certification process for companies looking to align to their DEI efforts to their industry. Silver allows companies to build on the foundation gained in the Diversio Certification, Bronze and take action through metrics and policy implementation with Diversio's guidance. 

Diversio Gold DEI Certification

A certification process for companies looking to stand out as an industry leader in workplace inclusivity and culture.  Gold allows companies to build on the foundation gained in the Diversio Certification, Silver and take action through metrics and policy implementation with Diversio's guidance. 

Ready to get certified?

There are several requirements to qualify for a Bronze, Silver, and Gold DEI Certification.

Company Annual





Published public commitment to DEI
Collects meaningful anonymous Diversity data
Meets or exceeds Diversity Metrics* benchmark at the Board & Executive level in their respective industry
Meets or exceeds Diversio's Inclusion MetricsTM benchmark in their respective industry 2 metrics 6 metrics
Meets or exceeds Diversio's Inclusion MetricsTM benchmark in their respective industry Meets industry benchmark Exceed industry benchmark
Implements programs or policies across key Inclusion MetricsTM 1 policy 4 policies 6 policies

DEI Professional Certification

Ready to get certified?

Demonstrate DEI expertise and commitment with a DEI Professional Certification, accrediting an advanced knowledge in creating, tracking, and improving DEI initiatives, and a dedication to equitable and inclusive work environments.

Professional Certification
for employees
Flexibility Least flexible Least flexible Most flexible
10-20 hours
HRPA DEI Certified
Cohort-based learning
DEI expert live hours 18 hours 21 hours
Style Virtual cohort Virtual cohort Virtual individual
Training Topics 5 5 5
Elective Topics 1 topic

Ready to get started?

“Equity really means looking at who’s not being well served by our processes, our policies and procedures so that we can actively and intentionally remove the barrier, and the data that we have now from our Diversio dashboards really allows us to answer that question.”
Ekua Quansah (she/her)
Head of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
400+ Employees
“Diversio’s support was critical in enabling us to create a resilient and inclusive workplace. As a result of this engagement, we meaningfully advanced gender equality across our organization.”
Simon Baker (he/him)
CEO | BakerAvenue
27+ Employees
“The Diversio platform is very data-driven, and I love the dashboard. Its so engaging and easy to maneuver, and you can filter out the data you want. In my years of being in the DEI space, it kind of sets Diversio apart from the competition.”
Reshad Ali (he/him)
Senior Manager, DE&I Strategic Advisor
Hudson Bay Company
30,000+ Employees

Looking for more to build your DEI program?

Allyship, Compliance, & Custom Training

Thoughtfully curated & expertly developed training providing skills & tools to advance DEI for individuals & organizations.

Consulting Services

Our DEI experts can guide individuals through best practices for interpersonal interactions & developing a more inclusive & harmonious workplace culture.

DEI Toolkits

Training modules, suggested policies, & other devices to better equip teams to drive change.


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Register today for compelling, global events to help you build a more inclusive & engaged workplace.
Matteo Stewart with diverse illustrated faces symbolizing intersectionality and inclusivity in the workplace
Understanding Intersectionality | Live Webinar
Tips for Compliance with Complex CSRD Requirements: Own Workforce

World-Class Support

The help you need, when you need it. Our DEI experts provide best practices, team communication recommendations, & general advice as you develop a more inclusive & harmonious workplace culture.

Join our Community

Changemakers is an engaged DEI community providing resources & support for those working towards a better tomorrow around the world. Join our invite-only community to learn firsthand from experts who have built & scaled DEI programs & connect with peers who are just figuring things out.

DEI Training Certification Guide

What is DEI training certification?

DEI certification validates an organization’s or individual’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s designed for enterprise teams, corporate groups, CEOs, HR professionals, and consultants, helping them stand out and retain top talent.

What are the benefits of gaining a diversity & inclusion certificate?

Gaining a diversity and inclusion certificate demonstrates a commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment. It signifies that an individual or organization understands the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and has the knowledge and skills to implement DEI initiatives effectively. Such certification can enhance an organization’s reputation, improve coworker relations and attrition, foster teamwork, provide a competitive edge during recruitment for top applicants, and potentially lead to better business outcomes.

How does the certification process work?

Diversio offers different levels of DEI certification at the organization level: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level has its own set of requirements and focuses on different aspects of DEI, from basic commitment to industry leadership.

How long does the certification process take? 

The duration of the certification process can vary based on which program you select. The certification process can take from a few days for basic courses to a couple of weeks for organizations. While the exact duration may vary, Diversio provides the following estimates for our DEI certifications:

  • Our company certifications typically take about 2 weeks to evaluate & process
  • A DEI Professional Certification course in an in-person, group setting can take 18-21 hours
  • The individual, asynchronous DEI Professional Certification will take roughly 6-8 hours & does not need to be completed in a single session

How much does a DEI certification cost?

The cost of DEI certification can vary widely based on the certifying body, the depth and duration of the program, and other factors. It’s best to research specific programs or institutions for accurate pricing.

Diversio offers various DEI training courses priced at $250.00 each and an individual professional certification for $1,000. Contact us for a quote on organization-wide certifications.

What industries & sectors are eligible for certification?

DEI principles are applicable across all industries and sectors. Whether it’s corporate businesses, academia, healthcare, or non-profit organizations, any entity can seek DEI certification to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

How do you stay up-to-date with current DEI best practices & guidelines?

At Diversio, we stay updated with DEI best practices by encouraging continuous learning, attending workshops and seminars, participating in DEI communities, and staying informed about global trends and research in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Will I receive written confirmation that I have completed the course?

Yes! Please provide your full name for your registration and throughout the process for your certificate to reflect your legal name. This certificate serves as a confirmation of your certification and can be presented to any person or organization requiring written confirmation.

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