BakerAvenue Wealth Management: Advancing Women into Leadership


BakerAvenue identified a unique market opportunity servicing women clients but experienced challenges with creating relevant offerings due to a predominantly male leadership team.


After deploying Diversio’s technology, BakerAvenue identified key strategies to attract and retain women: by creating in career development opportunities and cultivating a flexible working environment.

Diversio’s support was critical in enabling us to create a resilient and inclusive workplace. As a result of this engagement, we meaningfully advanced gender equality across our organization.”- CEO, Simon Baker

Advancing and Retaining Women through Diversio

Diversio’s second diagnostic uncovered a need for greater work-life balance expressed by women. Executives piloted a successful flex-work program that doubled the total number of WFH days.

As a result of these changes, BakerAvenue was ultimately better equipped for the WFH reality of COVID-19 and saw stronger productivity and performance at a time where most peers experienced the opposite. In addition, Baker Avenue:

  • Increased the number of women in leadership by x2
  • Increased the women throughout the whole organization by 40%

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