Building Inclusive Tech Teams hosted by Diversio & Tech Ladies

Building Inclusive Tech Teams Replay
Recorded Live on March 13, 12:30 PM ET

A webinar to discuss strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse talent to build inclusive tech teams for a more equitable workplace culture.

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar titled “Building Inclusive Tech Teams,” where we’ll delve into strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse talent to foster a more equitable workplace culture. Our featured topics include the importance of diversity in the tech industry, examining bias in hiring processes, implementing blind recruitment techniques, the role of leadership in promoting diversity and inclusion, creating supportive work environments, career development opportunities for underrepresented groups, fostering a feedback culture, and enhancing employee engagement initiatives.

Our esteemed speakers for this event are Courtney Mizrachi, Lead Product Manager at Diversio, and Kelly Jamison, Career Coach and Hiring Specialist at Tech Ladies. Courtney brings a wealth of experience in driving diversity initiatives, while Kelly’s background in mental health counseling and career coaching uniquely positions her to offer invaluable insights into fostering inclusive workplaces.

Building Inclusive Tech Teams featured topics:

  • Why diversity matters in tech
  • Exploring bias in the hiring process and its impact
  • Implementing blind recruitment techniques
  • The role of leadership in promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Building a supportive and inclusive work environment
  • Career development opportunities for underrepresented groups
  • Creating a feedback culture to address concerns and challenges
  • Employee engagement initiatives

Building Inclusive Tech Teams featured speakers:

Courtney Mizrachi (she/her)
Lead Product Manager, Diversio

Courtney Mizrachi is a dynamic leader in product management, currently spearheading innovation as the lead Product Manager at Diversio. With a keen focus on developing user-centric products, Courtney is passionate about implementing high-value add features that drive meaningful impact. Always eager for feedback, Courtney thrives on collaboration and continuous improvement. Her enthusiasm for technology with a purpose fuels her dedication to creating solutions that make a difference.

Kelly Jamison (she/her)
Career Coach and Hiring Specialist at Tech Ladies

Kelly is a Career Coach and Hiring Specialist with over 13 years of experience and a background in mental health counseling. Passionate about the link between vocational fulfillment and overall wellness, she excels at guiding individuals through career transitions. In her role at Tech Ladies, Kelly is dedicated to creating a positive member experience. Leveraging her coaching skills, she actively supports members in their job searches and plays a key role in fostering a thriving community within Tech Ladies.


Where & when will the event be held?

The session is scheduled March 13 at 12:30 PM ET and is expected to be about 45 minutes long, ending at roughly 1:15 PM ET. This event will be hosted on Zoom. If you are not a current Zoom user, we recommend installing the Zoom app on the hardware on which you intend to participate and setting up your account well ahead of the event. Current Zoom users should confirm that their system and software are up to date and that they have account access in advance.

Who is Diversio?

Diversio is the people intelligence platform that measures, tracks, and improves diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). By connecting artificial intelligence (AI) technology, sophisticated data analytics, and knowledgeable subject matter experts, Diversio is able to accurately diagnose your pain points, benchmark you against peers, and create a robust action plan that will meet your DEI goals. Through the unique combination of technology and human expertise, Diversio is driving meaningful impact for hundreds of organizations across over 35 countries globally.Diversio – The Diversity Data Experts™. For more information on Diversio, or how we can help you start your DEI program contact us at

What is Tech Ladies?

Tech Ladies is a worldwide community for women in tech with more than 100,000 members. We provide resources and support for women in tech to learn, network, and grow their careers, including access to an exclusive job board, events, and networking opportunities. Our private community, member-only events, and Leadership Accelerator program were all designed to create a safe and fun community for our members. We also offer full-featured, boutique Hiring Services that include our Job Board and Talent Network for organizations looking to hire.

Making workplaces more inclusive

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Kate Stone
Kate Stone
Kate Stone leads marketing at Diversio with 10+ years of experience in marketing and visual communications – over 6 of which are in the technology industry. Kate is passionate about communicating inclusion’s impact on businesses, workplace culture, and individuals. Kate is a US citizen and enjoys advocating for the environment and endangered species, improving her strength and endurance, and practicing watercolor painting and mixed media arts.
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