DEI Beyond the Data: Interview with Farzeen Mawji

DEI Beyond the Data: Interview with Farzeen Mawji

The Empathetic Organization: What it Means to Lead With Empathy

In this interview, we deep dive into an integral skill that DEI practitioners and business leaders want to understand: empathy. Empathy can be defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. DEI practitioner, Farzeen Mawji, is an expert on fostering empathy both as an individual and within an organization. Farzeen is the National Practice Leader, of Inclusion and Diversity at Gallagher. During our conversation, he offers practical advice on what it takes to cultivate empathy in our day to day interactions. He explains how empathy is used to bridge the gap between perspectives and beliefs, and how that has benefits for individuals and society. Farzeen has worked as a DEI practitioner in various industries and enterprise sizes; he is an expert at creating spaces where challenging conversations can inspire change. We’re excited to share this conversation with you, and are excited for you to learn about how you can apply empathy as a tool in your own life.

Who is Farzeen Mawji

Farzeen Mawji, National Practice Leader, Inclusion & Diversity at Gallagher

Farzeen Mawji is the National Practice Leader, Inclusion and Diversity at Gallagher. Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are core values of Farzeen and integral to who he is. Embracing and learning from different perspectives has broadened his understanding of other cultures and backgrounds and has shaped his own perspective into one that is much richer.

Farzeen’s work experience spans both publicly traded companies and private enterprises where he has strategically leveraged opportunities and built relationships with stakeholders to competently execute project initiatives. He has developed and implemented successful strategies that achieved their targets, as well as nurtured and promoted teamwork, all while fostering a culture of collaboration, empathy, and respect.

Farzeen’s expertise in unconscious bias and emotional intelligence allow him to see things from a broader vantage point. As an effective leader, he diligently works to understand what needs to be done and eliminates ambiguity, better equipping himself to articulate purpose and connect people to that purpose. Farzeen’s leadership style is one of teaching and empowering. He thrives when he can learn about what is in front of him, analyze it from an objective standpoint, and then impart his knowledge through a teaching lens intended to inspire, collaborate, and support.

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