DEI Reporting Made Easy – Live Webinar – Replay

DEI Reporting Made Easy: Live Webinar: Replay

Many Diversity & Inclusion professionals will agree that DEI reporting is the fundamental groundwork required to effectively measure, track, and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DEI reporting enables leaders to understand what the DEI currently looks like in their organization, and analyze where the improvements are needed.

At Diversio, we recognize that ‘what gets measured gets done’, which is why we developed our popular DEI Reporting Whitepaper. This webinar will focus on the principles noted in the whitepaper, and will take you through the key steps and considerations needed to effectively plan and execute DEI data collection.

On April 19th Diversio held a live webinar to discuss best practices for DEI reporting.

Topics addressed:

  • Survey planning & execution
  • How to properly handle & sort data
  • What to look for during data analysis
  • Identifying Pain Points and a path to improve
  • Tracking progress on DEI through data


Sahil Pathak – Associate Product Manager

Diversio is the people intelligence platform that measures, tracks, and improves Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). By connecting artificial intelligence (AI) technology, sophisticated data analytics, and knowledgeable subject matter experts, Diversio is able to accurately diagnose your pain points, benchmark you against peers, and create a robust action plan that will meet your DEI goals. Through the unique combination of technology and human expertise, Diversio is driving meaningful impact for hundreds of organizations across over 35 countries globally.
Diversio – The Diversity Data Experts™

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Diversio DEI Expert
Diversio DEI Expert
Diversio's DEI expert shares everything about diversity that you need to know.
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"We needed to slice and dice the data in multiple ways and visualize the data in clear and accessible ways and you know Diversio’s survey and platform ticked all the boxes."
Ekua Quansah
Head of EDI, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

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