Diveriso’s DEI maturity model – a complete guide

‘DEI maturity’ describes the level of advancement of a holistic diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy within an organization. This article breaks down Diveriso’s 6-stage DEI maturity model, which explains various DEI maturity levels an organization may pass through.  We will specifically highlight the key milestones needed to successfully progress to the next stage of maturity.

DEI Maturity Level 1: Compliance

DEI work is minimal and is mostly to comply with legislation. DEI discussions and initiatives are often reactionary to events and will mainly focus on recruitment. Diversity is considered, but equity and inclusion aren’t made a priority throughout the organization.

DEI Maturity Level 2: Awareness

There is a DEI business case. Diversity is understood as there is data, and there are targets and goals in place to work towards. The organization has Ad hoc or stand-alone initiatives such as infrequent training or employee resource groups (ERGs).

DEI Maturity Level 3: HR led

Equity and inclusion are integrated into the DEI strategy, there are targets that go beyond diversity demographics and create real change. There is a mission, vision, and values in relation to DEI, there is training for employees, and internal initiatives are in place.

DEI Maturity Level 4: Leader-led

There is education and training for people leaders; DEI is a personal priority of the executive team as well as the wider organization. Leaders and managers are committed and role model inclusion and are held accountable to target actions. There is a long-term vision for DEI; leaders are aligned, the team is aligned and involved, and there is a significant investment of resources put towards DEI.

DEI Maturity Level 5: Integrated

There is a more sophisticated understanding of DEI and links to the business strategy. Systemic biases and blockers are identified, and there are initiatives to work on addressing these. There is a clear, actionable, and effective DEI strategy that involves the whole team, including leadership. A DEI lens is given to each aspect of the operations, including recruiting, hiring, employee engagement, employee retention, external communications, and relationship management.

DEI Maturity Level 6: Industry leader

As well as meeting all criteria for the ‘Integrated’ stage of the model- the ‘Industry leaders’ stage describes organizations that are recognized as being industry leaders for ESG and DEI. There is continuous evaluation of the strategy, data, and goals as well as having a holistic and effective internal DEI strategy that is well-maintained and invested in; these organizations have a commitment to the wider community within their DEI lens. Organizations will facilitate summits and lead conversations to affect competitors and suppliers. They will set industry standards and publicize metrics.

Diversio can help you leverage the DEI maturity model

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Diversio – The Diversity Experts™

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Diversio DEI Expert
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