White Paper

How to Measure Inclusion at Your Organization

“Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.”


– Vernā Myers, Inclusion Strategist and Head of Inclusion at Netflix

Customers, employees, regulators and investors are demanding progress on DEI

Pledges and commitments are not enough

What you’ll learn

Realizing the benefits of DEI requires focus, accountability and data. Organizations must assess their internal workplace to secure a true competitive advantage.

In this paper you will learn:

  • How to define inclusion metrics for organizations
  • How to use inclusion metrics to drive action and results
  • How to use the inclusion scorecard to drive progress and mitigate risk

Why it matters

“Not only do inclusive companies generate better returns, there is significant risk associated with diversity-related scandals. Consumers, shareholders, employees and investors expect businesses to make real and sustained progress. Our hope is that this document will help them take that critical first step.”

Diversio helps organizations to achieve diversity, equity & inclusion

  • Diversio Workforce quantifies and tracks DEI within their workplace, and implement customized recommendations
  • Diversio Analytics helps investors achieve better outcomes by integrating DEI into investment practices and portfolio engagement

Learn how to become diverse, equitable & inclusive

Why Use Diversio?

The World’s First AI-based DEI Platform

Quickly Capture & Analyze Data

Get results in 2 weeks or less using our unique pulse survey, built to increase participation rates while gathering much more than simple demographic data.

Powerful, Fast &
Easy to Use

Our powerful and easy-to-use dashboard uses our proprietary “Inclusion Score” to easily identify pain points, diagnose the cause, & track improvements to your DEI metrics.

Proven AI-powered Business Solutions

By clearly diagnosing problem areas, our first-of-its-kind, AI-powered “Recommendation Engine” will create a bespoke plan for improving your specific needs with proven, real-world business solutions.

Benchmark Against Your Industry Peers

With Diversio’s robust data set of tens of thousands of companies across the globe, you can see how your organization stacks up against your industry peers.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Create an inclusive company culture to improve performance & reduce turnover, as well as signal your commitment to DEI for new candidates.

Eliminate Social & Fiscal Risk

In today’s world, all it takes is one negative tweet ruin an organization’s reputation and customer base. Find out where you stand and eliminate problems before they go public.

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AI-Powered Measurement, Diagnosis, & Improvement

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