Inclusivity Through ERGs: A Blueprint for Business Transformation

Inclusivity through ERGs event page featured image with head shots of two speakers, Lydia frank VP of Marketing at Chronus, and Laura McGee Founder and CEO at Diversio
Wednesday, December 6
at 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, fostering inclusivity isn’t just a goal—it’s a blueprint for success. Dive into the transformative power of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). 

In this webinar, we’ll unravel the dynamics and opportunities of ERGs as more than just affinity groups. Discover how ERGs can be the driving force behind organizational change, propelling businesses toward innovation, competitiveness and a culture of diversity and inclusion. 

Explore how ERGs

  • Enhance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging efforts in your organization
  • Provide practical strategies for employee connectivity
  • Elevate career development through mentoring

Guest Speakers

Laura McGee / Founder & CEO / Diversio

Lydia Frank / VP of Marketing / Chronus

Kate Stone
Kate Stone
Kate Stone leads marketing at Diversio, a technology startup that uses data analytics to help companies and investors unlock diversity for improved performance. Diversio works with clients in 30 countries across the world and has been featured at global events like the G20 and Davos.
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