Leveraging AI For DEI Leaders: Replay

AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to computer systems that can perform tasks which typically require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation, among others. It involves the use of algorithms, statistical models, and machine learning techniques to equip machines with the ability to learn from data and improve their performance over time.

Recently, AI has been widely discussed and is becoming increasingly popular. AI’s ability to transform industries and innovate systems such as health care, education, and business has prompted conversation around its benefits in various industries, and its shortcomings.

Research has shown that AI does have internalized biases, inherited from the initial data set used to train it. This is why it’s important to get it right’, and make empathetic and educated decisions when applying AI technology within your DEI strategy.

On May 24th, Diversio held a live webinar to discuss the challenges and opportunities with using AI to drive diversity, equity, & inclusion.

Topics addressed:
-Recognizing the potential biases and challenges of AI
-Examples of how AI can be used to drive DEI
-The benefits of utilizing AI technology in your DEI strategy
-How Diversio’s award-winning platform incorporates AI to support organizations all over the world

Adam Evers – Director of Revenue Operations

Adam Evers (he/him) is a dynamic and accomplished gay man who calls the vibrant city of Minneapolis his home, where he lives happily with his partner. As a successful entrepreneur and Director of Revenue Operations at Diversio, Adam has made a significant impact in the fields of technology, consulting, and strategy. He has founded successful startups such as believr and Coindera, and has a proven track record with top-tier organizations like Sprinklr, Dropbox, and Scoop.

In recent years, Adam has expanded his expertise to include artificial intelligence, utilizing AI tools and technologies to drive innovation and solve complex business challenges. His experience with AI has not only strengthened his ability to manage diverse clients but also empowered him to address intricate problems, decrease expenses, and increase profits for organizations.
Adam’s commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the workplace has earned him a reputation as a highly respected leader in his field. With a strong foundation in both AI and traditional business practices, Adam continues to make a lasting impact on the organizations and communities he serves.

Diversio is the people intelligence platform that measures, tracks, and improves Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). By connecting artificial intelligence (AI) technology, sophisticated data analytics, and knowledgeable subject matter experts, Diversio is able to accurately diagnose your pain points, benchmark you against peers, and create a robust action plan that will meet your DEI goals. Through the unique combination of technology and human expertise, Diversio is driving meaningful impact for hundreds of organizations across over 35 countries globally.
Diversio – The Diversity Data Experts™
For more information on this event, Diversio, or how we can help you start your DEI program contact us at info@diversio.com.

Diversio DEI Expert
Diversio DEI Expert
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