by: Salonee Singh

Building Executive Accountability


In October 2020, in response to the BlackLivesMatter movement and building on their commitment to anti-racism, TransAlta employees and leadership committed to diversifying their workforce and addressing systemic barriers to inclusion.


Using Diversio’s technology, TransAlta collected granular data on the demographics and identities of its employees as well as unique challenges preventing individuals from reaching their full potential.

“The Diversio assessment has brought attention to areas we need to improve, and we are grateful for the tool that allows us to monitor our progress and strive for even better diversity, equity, and inclusion results.” – CTO, Jane Fedoretz

Incorporating the Diversio Scorecard into a Strategic Action Plan:

TransAlta identified ED&I as a Board-level priority and used Diversio’s Scorecard to set concrete goals for representation and employee experience. Commitments were made to:

  1. Expand ED&I education and conduct Allyship Training
  2. Leverage industry best practices to rollout targeted ED&I programs and initiatives
  3. Drive accountability by regularly collecting, analyzing and reporting on diversity & inclusion data


TransAlta tied 8% of Executive bonus to performance on the D&I scorecard and Diversio’s inclusion framework



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