Women’s Allyship Live Training Webinar

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Women’s allyship enables women to be supported at work and helps to reduce barriers that can prevent women from being able to succeed.

Women have historically, and continue to, face challenges when working towards career progression. New reports are showing that once women reach leadership positions, the lack of inclusivity and support is causing them to leave their companies at an alarming rate.

“To put the scale of the problem in perspective: for every woman at the director level who gets promoted to the next level, two women directors are choosing to leave their company.” (Mckinsey, 2022)

On March 29 at 11:00 AM ET (8:00 AM PT, 4:00 PM in the UK) Diversio will host a live webinar to discuss best practices for being an ally to women.

Topics to be addressed:

  • Lived realities of women in life and at work
  • How do you measure inclusivity in the workplace?
  • Barriers & biases women face
  • Solutions & opportunities to help women succeed in your organization
  • Questions from the audience


Hanna Barnett, Product Lead

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