A DEI Starter Guide

Info to Plan & Implement Your DEI Program

With the cultural shift that’s happened in the past few years, most companies are now realizing the importance of improving their diversityequity, and inclusion. But even with the best intentions, many don’t know where to begin.

We’ve pulled from our DEI Knowledge Resource library to provide guidance on planning & implementing an effective DEI program. From understating the difference between diversityequity, & inclusion, to budgeting & training, this guide will jumpstart your DEI program.

Every organization is unique, with its own needs and goals, but the concepts covered here can help anyone improve their overall results.

Click the links below to get started.

1) The Basics

  1. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: A Primer
  2. How Diversity & Culture Affect the Workplace
  3. Defining Diversity: How to Think About it at Work

2) Getting Started

  1. Diversity in the Workplace: A Quick-Start Guide
  2. What To Do in the First 100 Days as a D&I Lead

3) The Importance of Inclusion

  1. Your Company Has Improved Its Diversity, but Is It More Inclusive?
  2. D&I Metrics: 5 Tips to Measure and Track Inclusion

4) Budgeting

  1. The Opportunity Cost of Not Spending on D&I
  2. How to Spend Your D&I Budget

5) Training

  1. Diversity Training 101
  2. Creating a Diversity Training Framework
  3. Corporate Diversity Training: How-to Programs and Consulting

As always, Diversio’s team of subject matter experts are available to consult at any stage of your DEI journey, while our AI-powered DEI dashboard makes reporting, improving, and progress tracking incredibly east. Contact us to get a demo or talk through your goals & plan.

Diversio DEI Expert
Diversio DEI Expert
Diversio's DEI expert shares everything about diversity that you need to know.
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