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Showcase your commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion through Diversio’s globally recognized certification program.

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Diversity, equity & inclusion is not a “nice to have”, it’s your competitive advantage


of millennials have left their company for a more inclusive one, and 49% say they will leave within 2 years


average drop in a company’s market value following an Executive ‘bad behavior’ scandal


consumers want brands to take a stand on equality, and 76% conduct follow-up research to see if they are authentic
-Cohn Communications

Diversio Certification tells employees, investors and customers that your organization treats inclusion as a key performance driver, and that you are ‘walking the talk’.

Meaningful Goals

Your organization has measured and set targets to increase diversity at all levels, including leadership roles.

Leadership Accountability

Your organization regularly collects data on employee experience to identify bias and barriers faced by minority groups.

Commitment to Inclusion

Your organization has implemented programs and policies designed to unlock specific challenges, and is committed to tracking results.

How It Works

1. Company Assessment

Intake data on employee experience through a 4-minute pulse survey or an enterprise plug-in

Receive your score
Understand strengths and weaknesses on Diversio’s six-part Inclusion Framework.

Benchmark results
Compare your scores to Diversio’s industry database of 21,000 companies.

2. Action Plan

Receive customized recommendations designed to address your specific challenges

Select Programs
Review programs and policies designed to improve your culture.

Create Execution Plan
Select your preferred interventions and create an execution plan with senior-level accountability.

3. Confirmation

Receive your Certification and demonstrate your commitment to inclusion

Review your Inclusion Scores and action plan with your Diversio advisor.

Communicate your commitment and Certification to employees, customers and stakeholders.

What Is Measured


Dominant versus non-dominant employees at all levels and roles within your organization, including at least one of the following dimensions: gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and persons with a disability.


Dominant versus non-dominant employees across six employee experience metrics: culture, unbiased feedback, mentorship and sponsorship, flexible work options, safe work environment and recruiting and hiring.


Commitment of your organization’s leadership to implementing programming and measuring results. Programs must be data-driven and include an accountability mechanism to track impact and progress.

Diversity VC Certification

Setting the Standard for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Venture Capital Industry and providing VCs with the tools needed to assess, track, and improve the state of their DE&I efforts

The Diversity VC Standard is an assessment and certification program that provides funds with best practices on diversity, equity, & inclusion in VC and sends a strong signal to the rest of the ecosystem that a fund follows DE&I best practices.

The Diversity VC Standard provides VCs with the tools and recommended practices required to cultivate an environment where founders and colleagues from all backgrounds feel they belong and can succeed in the industry.

Watch video for a full overview

The Diversity VC Standard has 3 stages:


A 1.5-hour assessment of your fund’s existing DEI related policies and programs


A two week period used to curate a set of recommendations and next steps to funds based on assessment findings


If successful, funds will be provided with certification that can be used to signal their commitment to DEI within the ecosystem

The Diversio Private Equity Standard

The PE Standard provides private equity funds with the tools and recommendations they need to create a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels that they have a place in the industry. Additionally, the Standard encourages funds to extend their DEI commitment beyond their own workplace and to exert their influence to affect meaningful DEI change within their portfolio companies.

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“It takes time to hire, train and promote, and industry executives have mentioned timelines of three to five years to begin seeing results. Retention can be difficult if diverse employees don’t feel included in firm culture, lengthening the timelines to achieve diversity targets.”

– EY

Level 1

1. Organizational DEI Statement and Strategy
2. Include DEI in Due Diligence and Entire Deal Life Cycle
3. DEI Accountability at Leadership Level (i.e.
a Chief Diversity Officer or DEI Committee)
4. Policies Widening Applicant Pool Beyond Traditional Sources
5. Policies Reducing Biases in Hiring Processes
6. Tracking & Reporting Dealflow Demographics

Plus an Additional 4 Programs & Policies

You must have 1 policy from each section: Human Capital and Recruitment, Internal Policy & Culture, Deal flow Sources, and Portfolio Guidance

Level 2

1. All Level 1 Requirements
2. Diverse Investment Strategy
3. Portfolio Inclusion Assessment

Plus an Additional 8 Programs & Policies

You must have 2 policies from each section: Human Capital and Recruitment, Internal Policy & Culture, Dealflow Sources, and Portfolio Guidance

Diversio Standard for Professionals

Training is a critical step in every organization’s journey to becoming more inclusive. In order for real change to occur, every employee needs to understand the barriers and challenges diverse employees face in the workplace and how they can take concrete steps to make their diverse colleagues feel empowered and included.

DEI training gives HR professionals a leg-up to advance their careers. HR and DEI must overlap to eliminate discrimination and alienation in the workplace. It is our firm understanding that every organization has unique needs as it pertains to DEI training. Leaders and employees must not only learn about the systemic barriers faced by minority employees on a daily basis, but understand how to become authentic allies to their colleagues.

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“CEOs and HR leaders alike are being asked by their teams, customers and shareholders to commit to increasing diversity. They need to not only hire, but retain a diverse workforce and measure diversity at all levels including leadership, executive and board roles.”

– Forbes

How It Works

Tailored Resources to Elevate Your DEI Initiatives

Executives, managers and employees have different needs when it comes to diversity & inclusion training. Our training offerings include modules directed at various levels and roles within the organization. We’ll work with you to identify the right audience for a particular training.

Workshops That Fit Your Schedule

We offer several time frames ranging from 30 minute sessions to full-day workshops. Our team will help you create a package that works for your needs and budget.

Diversio structures its training execution through two core methods:

Asynchronous training

is a fully online, prepared training course that can be accessed at any given time.

  • Flexibility & Convenient
  • Self-Guided
  • Scalable
  • Inclusive

Synchronous training

is the delivery of a training program in real – time, using live virtual training sessions, interactive webinars, etc.

  • Collaborative
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Interactive
  • Inclusive

Lead by Industry Experts

Diversio will work with you to identify priority topics and create curated content for your training. Our data analytics tools can ensure training is highly customized to your workplace and unique cultural context.

Trusted by World-leading Organizations

The Diversity Data Experts

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“Diversio’s technology has offered us concrete, data-driven insights about diversity & inclusion at Canada Learning Code. By better understanding our D&I efforts and implementing solutions from Diversio’s recommendation engine, we’ve been able to drive meaningful change and inclusion.”

Melissa Sariffodeen – Co-Founder & CEO of Canada Learning Code