Cutting-edge features to reduce churn with DEI data

The Diversio Platform V 3.0: Simple and unified reporting, experience, and intersectional features

With the latest update, when you open the Diversio Platform, you’ll now see a new and improved look at your DEI insights and updated DEI reporting and analysis features throughout.

Highlighting the most important details

With Platform update V 3.0 you’ll open up your Diversio Platform to the new homepage highlighting the most important details to quickly identify your strengths and opportunity areas. See your year over year, overall Inclusion Score™ to evaluate your progress and compare to the industry benchmark.

At a glance you’ll also see:

  • Survey participation rates with demographic breakdowns
  • Upcoming DEI events and important days of recognition throughout the year
  • Trending resources throughout the DEI space
  • The last surveyed date and reminders to survey again

A clear understanding of where your organization stands, in a central location, makes it easier than ever to quantify the bottom-line impact of investing in DEI and realize the returns on that investment.

Analysis re-designed

The release of the latest update also continues to improve the diversity and inclusion analysis you know and love. 

Robust DEI reporting

The Diversio Platform’s updated DEI reporting features now allow for diversity and inclusion performance assessments over time by tracking the results of each survey. 

You can also display the survey results within the platform in a variety of breakdowns to add snapshots into your company reports.

In addition to comparing your company’s scores to multiple industry averages and the national average, these new features will position your team to develop and optimize more robust, data-driven initiatives.

Customized for your goals

The V 3.0 Platform update enables users to add additional demographic and experience questions. While demographic questions focus on employee identities and fact, experience questions collect qualitative data regarding inclusion, engagement, and company culture. Collecting both types of information in a single Platform means you can view the simplified, nuanced results in a centralized location. Within these categories users are able to focus on the elements most important to their organization including education level, religion, or age.

With access to more personalized data your team can narrow your targets for improvement and create more detailed action plans to drive change.

Intersectional data

Today’s update to the Diversio Platform provides a closer look at your organization by diving deeper into the data to assess intersectional identities across demographics and Inclusion Scores™. 

Customize your experience to meet your organization’s needs by defining unique intersectionality groups and save them to filter survey results. These groups are easily transferable between diversity and inclusion results.

Standard and custom demographics can be reviewed together to deepen the scope of intersectionality, providing continuity between your reports, strategy, and action plan.

Looking for More Information?

Want to learn more about the latest update? Schedule a demo with one of our DEI experts to see how Diversio can accelerate your DEI initiatives.

Read the press release.

Kate Stone
Kate Stone
Kate Stone leads marketing at Diversio, a technology startup that uses data analytics to help companies and investors unlock diversity for improved performance. Diversio works with clients in 30 countries across the world and has been featured at global events like the G20 and Davos.
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