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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is Not a “Nice to Have,” It’s Your Competitive Advantage


The number of millennials that have left their company for a more inclusive one, and 49% say they will leave within 2 years
– Deloitte


The average drop in a company’s market value following an Executive ‘bad behavior’ scandal
– Stanford


90% of consumers want brands to take a stand on equality, and 76% conduct follow-up research to see if they are authentic
– Cohn Communications


Confirm Your Commitment to DEI Improvement

Diversio’s Certification tells employees, investors, customers, and other HR/DEI professionals that your organization treats inclusion as a key performance driver, and that you are ‘walking the talk’.

Not only does this lead to a more positive internal culture and improve your talent recruiting advantage, but it also strengthens your brand, creating marketing opportunities to differentiate your organization from industry peers and attract investors looking for companies that prioritize a diverse and equitable workforce, along with the proven business advantages that provides.

Benefits of Diversio Certification Programs:

  • Position your organization as a leader in DEI advancement
  • Improve internal culture by signaling your commitment to a safe,
    Attract better & more diverse talent
  • Signal to investors that your fund and portfolio of companies are taking action to protect the value of your assets
  • Distinguish yourself from other HR & DEI professionals with advanced knowledge of DEI training, tools, & best practices.

What It Means to be Certified


Your organization has measured and set targets to increase diversity at all levels, including leadership roles.

Commitment to Inclusion

Your organization has implemented programs and policies designed to unlock specific challenges, and is committed to tracking results.

Leadership Accountability

Your organization regularly collects data on employee experience to identify bias and barriers faced by minority groups.

4 Types of Certifications

Diversio has DEI certifications to fit a variety of organization types and business goals.

Diversio Certification

Level 1

Diversio Certification is made for organizations, LPs, or GPs, and consists of two levels with differing thresholds for earning a certification. This is meant to address the different stages a company may be at in their DEI journey.

For an organization, GP, or LP to meet our L1 Certification threshold, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Company has made a public commitment to DEI
  2. Company collects both diversity and inclusion data and sets goals for improvement
  3. Company has implemented at least one program or policy aligning with each of the key Fundamental Metrics
    1. Policy and governance
    2. Talent acquisition strategy
    3. Employee engagement
    4. Data transparency

The Certification Process

1) Company Assessment

Intake data on employee experience through a 4-minute pulse survey or an enterprise plug-in.

Receive Your Score
Understand strengths and weaknesses on Diversio’s six-part Inclusion Framework.

Benchmark Results
Compare your scores to Diversio’s industry database of 21,000 companies.

2) Action Plan

Receive customized recommendations designed to address your specific challenges

Select Programs
Review programs and policies designed to improve your culture.

Create Execution Plan
Select your preferred interventions and create an execution plan with senior-level accountability.

3) Confirmation

Receive your Certification and demonstrate your commitment to inclusion

Review your Inclusion Scores and action plan with your Diversio advisor.

Communicate your commitment and Certification to employees, customers and stakeholders.

Diversio Certification

Level 2

Diversio Certification is made for organizations, LPs, or GPs, and consists of two levels with differing thresholds for earning a certification. This is meant to address the different stages a company may be at in their DEI journey.

The L2 Certification is meant for organizations that have a more advanced DEI program and want to signal the maturity of their program and the progress they’ve made.

Level 2 Requirements

1) Diversity Metrics

Diversity metrics need to be above the industry benchmark metrics in Board and Executive level for your industry in at least 2 of the 4 diversity dimensions:

  • Gender
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability/Mental Health

2) Inclusion Metrics

Must deploy a pulse survey to measure inclusion with a statistically significant response rate and need to score above benchmark for your industry in inclusion

3) Fundamental/Commitment Metrics

Need to have demonstrated policies and programs in place for all 4 of the fundamental/commitment metrics AND provide documentation/evidence of the policies

  • Policy & Governance
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Employee Engagement
  • Data Transparency

Diversity VC Standard

DEI Certification for the Venture Capital Industry

Setting the standard for diversity, equity & inclusion in the Venture Capital industry, and providing VCs with the tools needed to assess, track, and improve the state of their DEI efforts.

The Diversity VC Standard is an assessment and certification program that provides funds with best practices on diversity, equity, & inclusion in VC and sends a strong signal to the rest of the ecosystem that a fund follows DE&I best practices.

The Diversity VC Standard has 3 Stages

1) Assessment

A 1.5-hour assessment of your fund’s existing D&I-related policies and programs

2) Consultation

A two week period used to curate a set of recommendations and next steps to funds based on assessment findings

3) Certification

If successful, funds will be provided with certification that can be used to signal their commitment to DEI within the ecosystem

Diversio Professional Certification

For HR & DEI Managers

For HR & DEI professionals that want to extend their knowledge, ensure they’re following best practices, and position their workplace culture for long-term success, we offer a comprehensive online training and certification course.

“CEOs and HR leaders alike are being asked by their teams, customers and shareholders to commit to increasing diversity. They need to not only hire, but retain a diverse workforce and measure diversity at all levels including leadership, executive and board roles.” – Forbes

Two Options for Professional Certification

1) Online Video Course

A self-run, online, prepared training course that can be accessed and completed at any time. The video course follows the same curriculum as the instructor course, but allows you to complete it on your schedule.

  • Flexibility & Convenient
  • Self-Guided
  • Inclusive

2) Online Instructor Course

The real-time, instructor-lead classes are held periodically online at scheduled times, allowing for interactive conversations & questions with Diversio’s subject matter experts.

  • Collaborative
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Interactive

“At Accenture, inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture, and we know that our rich diversity makes us smarter and more innovative, and also helps us better serve the needs of our people, clients and communities. Rigorous data and analytics have played a fundamental role in helping us achieve our workforce goals at Accenture and we’re honoured to be recognized with this inaugural certification through Diversio’s award-winning data-driven recommendation engine.”

– Jeffrey Russell, President of Accenture in Canada

How It Works

What’s Being Measured?


Dominant versus non-dominant employees at all levels and roles within your organization, including at least one of the following dimensions: gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and persons with a disability.


Dominant versus non-dominant employees across six employee experience metrics: culture, unbiased feedback, mentorship and sponsorship, flexible work options, safe work environment and recruiting and hiring.


Commitment of your organization’s leadership to implementing programming and measuring results. Programs must be data-driven and include an accountability mechanism to track impact and progress.

Making the Most of Your Certification

Diversio-certified companies use their Certification to demonstrate they are ‘walking the talk’ on diversity and inclusion. This helps attract and retain top talent, provide confidence to investors, enable employees to take pride in their workplace, and signal to customers that your organization is committed to an inclusive business environment.

Some of the ways organizations promote their Diversio Certification include:

  • Adding their Diversio seal to employee signature lines
  • Posting their Certification on their website, shared office space
    and marketing material
  • Including their Certification in stakeholder reports, such as quarterly Board updates and investor material
  • Adding their Diversio seal to their LinkedIn profiles

“I am proud that the City’s ongoing commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is being recognized through Diversio Certification. This new standard provides the workforce at the City and our residents a sense of confidence that we are working hard to make an inclusive public sector. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, it’s so important, now more than ever, that the Toronto Public Service reflects the communities that it serves. I look forward to the implementation of the recommendations brought forward by Diversio which will not only enhance our workforce but ensure that we are striving to make it better than before.”

– John Tory, Mayor of Toronto

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“Diversio’s technology has offered us concrete, data-driven insights about diversity & inclusion at Canada Learning Code. By better understanding our D&I efforts and implementing solutions from Diversio’s recommendation engine, we’ve been able to drive meaningful change and inclusion.”

Melissa Sariffodeen – Co-Founder & CEO of Canada Learning Code