Transforming the Financial Sector

Rapid technological changes, global crises, and shifting demographics, improving employee experience offers unparalleled opportunities.

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The Financial Sector is Evolving

Investment decisions

Biases can also creep into investment decisions. For instance, venture capital has often been criticized for not funding enough startups led by women or people of color, potentially missing out on innovative ideas & lucrative opportunities.

Data-driven decision making
  • Use analytics to inform HR decisions. Analyze recruitment & promotion data, to identify patterns of biases.
  • Leverage intersectional data in analysis and reports to pin-point exactly what gaps need improvement.

Internal promotions

Promotion criteria, often subjective, can be influenced by biases. Employees from underrepresented groups might find it challenging to break the proverbial glass ceiling, not due to a lack of merit but because of deep-seated biases.
Networking & training
  • Participation in networks & forums focusing on DEI in finance, offer a platform to share, learn, & grow as a community.
  • Diversio training programs are far from generic DEI workshops. Address the unique challenges & scenarios of the finance world, making them more relevant & impactful.

Recruiting & retention

Despite the growing awareness of DEI’s impact on employee experience and engagement, unconscious biases still influence recruitment. Preferences may persist for candidates from certain educational institutions and backgrounds.
Improve inclusion
  • Diversio’s Inclusion Framework TM quantifies employee experience to identify areas that need attention.
  • Enable employees to share their experiences, suggestions, & concerns related to workplace culture. This is invaluable in refining strategies & ensuring that DEI initiatives are effective.

When your people thrive, so does your business

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“It’s no secret that the investing world is behind when it comes to diversity & inclusion...Through this partnership with Diversio, we are assessing both our internal workplace as well as our portfolio and identifying concrete steps for improvement and growth... We are excited to be on this journey and commit to setting the new standard for diverse & inclusive investing.”
Lance Taylor
Partner and CFO | HGGC
70,000+ employees

More initiatives to build a better workplace

Complete Guide to DEI in the Financial Sector

The finance sector, often seen as a bastion of traditionalism, is undergoing a transformative shift. Rapid technological changes, global crises, and shifting demographics, offer unique challenges and unparalleled opportunities for integrating DEI.

Annual Certifications

Professional & workplace certifications to display your commitment to DEI to your peers, industry, & audience.


Compare demographic data, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability), to both the national average and industry peers.


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