How Does Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Support Employee Wellness In The Workplace?

Employee wellness describes the consideration and active promotion of good mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace. There are various initiatives and policies that can be adopted by organizations to support mental and physical health at work. These practices are great for supporting employees to thrive, and for improving employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

This article will highlight the importance of DEI initiatives for supporting work life balance and wellness for all employees, and take a look at how diversity, equity, and inclusion can help..

There are various ways in which diversity and inclusion work plays a significant role in promoting employee wellness:

Mental Health Support

“A mentally healthy workforce and increased employee engagement are interdependent” (Deloitte, 2017).

Inclusive workplaces that adopt initiatives, such as empathy-led leadership styles, employee assistance programs, mental health training, and flexible work arrangements, can help employees to better manage their mental health. DEI efforts that prioritize mental health and well-being will often positively impact employee wellness.

Further, inclusive workplaces promote a sense of belonging that can reduce anxiety among employees. Employees who feel that they can be their authentic selves at work, without fear of discrimination or bias, experience lower levels of stress and can often maintain the confidence and strength in other aspects of their life.

When employees feel supported in their mental health needs, they are more likely to be productive, engaged, and committed to their work.

Physical Health Support

It’s important for organizations to view health needs as a priority for all employees, and to have policies in place that support individual needs. From medical appointments, to exercise breaks, to implementing accommodations for disabled employees; having effective and inclusive physical health policies in place can support employee wellness by reducing barriers, reducing stigma, and encouraging self care.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Inclusive workplaces recognize that individuals have different life experiences and commitments, and offer the flexibility for all employees to find a balance between their work life and home life so that they can thrive in both.

With the best teams being diverse teams, this also means that there are often many different needs, so having flexible policies and encouraging open discussions plays a key role in ensuring that everyone’s wellness is accommodated.

Policies that support work-life balance include equal parental leave schemes so that all genders can balance roles equally, and flexible working arrangements such as working locations and working hours.

Increased Employee Engagement

When employees feel included, respected, and valued for their unique identities and perspectives, they are more likely to be engaged in their work. Engaged employees can often experience more satisfaction and personal development within their work, which in turn can improve their overall well-being further.

Additionally, as employee engagement and employee well-being are heightened, this can encourage increased collaboration and innovation, which further supports positive relationships and closer connections between teams; facilitating long-term wellness amongst employees.

Not only does diversity, equity, and inclusion have a fundamental role to play in supporting employee wellness, but there is clearly a cyclical relationship between improving wellness and improving job satisfaction and productivity.

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