Diversity VC Certification

Setting the Standard for Diversity & Inclusion in the Venture Capital Industry

Providings VCs with the tools needed to assess, track, and improve the state of their D&I efforts

The Diversity VC Standard is an assessment and certification program that provides funds with best practices on diversity & inclusion in VC and sends a strong signal to the rest of the ecosystem that a fund follows D&I best practices.

About the Diversity VC Standard

The Diversity VC Standard was launched in September of 2020 to set the standard for diversity & inclusion in the venture capital industry. In addition to robust benchmarking data, the Standard provides VCs with the tools and recommended practices required to cultivate an environment where founders and colleagues from all backgrounds feel they belong and can succeed in the industry. After launching with an initial cohort of 15 funds across Europe and Canada, the Standard has now certified over 40 funds across Europe and North America.

The Diversity VC Standard has 3 stages:


A 1.5-hour assessment of your fund’s existing D&I-related policies and programs


A two week period used to curate a set of recommendations and next steps to funds based on assessment findings


If successful, funds will be provided with certification that can be used to signal their commitment to D&I within the ecosystem

Some of our Certified Funds

“There are many reasons for investors to incorporate diversity into their investment practices. Not only do inclusive companies generate better returns, but there is significant risk associated with diversity-related scandals. Consumers, shareholders and employees expect investors to make real and sustained progress.”

– The Diversity VC Standard

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