Live Demonstration: Diversio Basic Replay

This video features a live demonstration of Diversio Basic, an entry-level DEI solution designed for small companies and young DEI programs.

Topics to be Addressed:

  • Review reporting, heatmap, diagnostic, & tracking features
  • Discuss how to set-up & deploy your survey
  • Outline how Diversio Basic achieves accurate results while retaining anonymity
  • Walk through the simple “purchase, deploy, review” workflow
  • Diversio Basic Feature Comparison
  • Questions from the audience

Diversio Basic

​​Not every organization is ready for the comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) analysis, diagnostics, business process changes, or advanced training that the Diversio for Companies platform provides. For smaller companies, or those that are just beginning their DEI journey, easy-to-implement data insights provide all the tools and information needed to create a basic DEI plan.

With a lower price point, self-serve software model, simple interface, and a built-in upgrade path, Diversio Basic was created to be the perfect platform for these organizations, allowing them to create a more inclusive and competitive business environment.

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Diversio DEI Expert
Diversio DEI Expert
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"We needed to slice and dice the data in multiple ways and visualize the data in clear and accessible ways and you know Diversio’s survey and platform ticked all the boxes."
Ekua Quansah
Head of EDI, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

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