Diversio Basic

Diversio Basic

Simple DEI Survey & Data Platform

Find out your company’s diversity & inclusion data in 3 easy steps:

  • Purchase online and receive instant access
  • Automatically deploy our academically validated DEI survey
  • Review in-depth DEI insights in your custom dashboard

Diversio Basic Features

Simple & Fast DEI Reporting

Detailed Heatmap of Pain Points

Sophisticated Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostics

Multi-dimensional Results Tracking


Create and deploy your survey in minutes. Receive and analyze results within 2 weeks, instead of the many months other providers often take. No DEI platform is faster.


Our process was developed by DEI experts and academic researchers to capture relevant information, while simultaneously protecting employee anonymity. Our approach drives best-in-class employee participation rates, contributing to an accurate, in-depth view of the diversity & inclusion in your organization.


With a simple “purchase, deploy, review” workflow on our award-winning DEI Dashboard, Diversio Basic is the easiest way to collect and analyze your DEI data and create a plan for improvement.

Diversio Basic

Fast, Accurate, & Easy

Not every organization is ready for the comprehensive DEI analysis, diagnostics, business process changes, or advanced training the our Diversio for Companies platform provides. For smaller companies, or those that are just beginning their DEI journey, easy-to-implement data insights provide all the tools and information needed to create a basic DEI plan.

With a lower price point, self-serve software model, simple interface, and a built-in upgrade path, Diversio Basic was created to be the perfect platform for these organizations, allowing them to create a more inclusive and competitive business environment.

1) Purchase

Diversio Basic was built to be completely self-serve, so simply go to our product page, purchase online, and you’ll automatically receive access and instructions to create your account, set up your survey, and access your dashboard.

diversio dashboard

2) Survey

Our unique Pulse survey was developed with leading academics to not only capture the most important DEI data, but increase participation rates while also protecting your employee’s anonymity and privacy as well. The survey’s questions are already pre-built for maximum effectiveness. All you need to do is deploy the survey to your organization’s workforce.

3) Review

When the survey window is closed, your custom Diversio Dashboard will be automatically created, giving you powerful insights into the diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics of your workforce. You can explore aspects like demographic makeup, DEI pain points, and overall Inclusion Score in detail, giving you a clear roadmap to build your DEI program.

diversio inclusion scorecard dashboard

Feature Comparison Chart

Diversio Basic vs Diversio for Companies

While Diversio for Companies is our full-fledged DEI dashboard platform, Diversio Basic offers many of the most powerful features.

  Diversio Basic Diversio for Companies
Training & Toolkits
Bias Corrector
Risk Barometer
Connect Feature
Data Collection Compliance Monitoring
Qualitative Human Overlay
Personalized Results Dashboard
Industry Benchmarks
Inclusion Breakdown Tool (Intersectionality)
Inclusion Pain Point Identifier
Natural Language Processing Technology
Detailed Breakdown of Employee Demographics
Diversity Breakdown by Role
Diversity Certification
Inclusion Tracker
Anonymous Free Text Responses
AI-Powered Inclusion Recommendation Engine

Powered by AI

Diversio’s unique technology was developed by a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, diversity advocates and engineers. The system uses natural language processing and matching algorithms to add rigor and accuracy to your diversity, equity, & inclusion strategy.

Additional Features

For Public, Private, & Portfolio Organizations

Bias Corrector

Plugs in to your company’s messaging platform to analyze team dynamics and cultural challenges. Integrates with our Recommendation Engine to help teams combat their unconscious biases and improve their everyday interactions.

Social Media Barometer

Scans social media in real-time to gauge public perception of your company for diversity & inclusion DEI. Provides you with an Inclusion Risk Score to help you improve reputation and prevent a public scandal.

Sentiment Analyzer

Applies Natural Language Processing to employee feedback to measure up to 26 inclusion indicators, including toxic culture, harassment, team building, biased management and more.

Why Use Diversio

The World’s First AI-based DEI Platform

Our award-winning dashboard, powered by AI technology and backed with a first-of-its-kind Recommendation Engine, quantifies experiences, uncovers biases, identifies solutions, and tracks progress. The result is a measurably more inclusive workplace.

1Quickly Capture
& Analyze Data

Get results in 2 weeks or less using our unique pulse survey, built to increase participation rates while gathering much more than simple demographic data.

2Powerful, Fast
& Easy to Use

Our powerful and easy-to-use dashboard uses our proprietary “Inclusion Score” to easily identify pain points, diagnose the cause, & track improvements to your DEI metrics.

3Proven AI-powered
Business Solutions

By clearly diagnosing problem areas, our first-of-its-kind, AI-powered Recommendation Engine will create a bespoke plan for improving your specific needs with proven, real-world business solutions.

4Benchmark Against
Your Industry Peers

With Diversio’s robust dataset of tens of thousands of companies across the globe, you can see how your organization stacks up against your industry peers.

5Attract &
Retain Top Talent

Create an inclusive company culture to improve performance & reduce turnover, as well as signal your commitment to DEI for new candidates.

6Eliminate Social
& Fiscal Risk

In today’s world, all it takes is one negative tweet ruin an organization’s reputation and customer base. Find out where you stand and eliminate problems before they go public.

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