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Acquire the skills to drive sustainable growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives through empowering and involving people.

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Create a workplace culture for everyone to do their best work.

As organizations invest more time and money into DEI programs and policies, programs will have


more innovative business outcomes


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better business outcomes


out perform peers financially

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This course provides participants with a deep understanding of the process, strategies, and techniques necessary to navigate and implement successful organizational change and key initiatives. From stakeholder identification and engagement to fostering resilience and sustaining initiatives, this course equips learners with the skills needed to become adept change agents and drive successful transformations.

Training outline & objectives

Process of change management

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Change Management and its significance in organizational success.
  • Learn how to assess the need for change by identifying triggers and drivers of organizational change 
  • Learn about the change management process including how to define goals, objectives, scope, and strategy for change initiatives

Stakeholder management & identification

  • Discuss best practices for identifying and analyzing stakeholders and their roles in the change process.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and engage stakeholders in the change initiative.
  • Explore techniques to anticipate, address, and mitigate stakeholder resistance.

Changing Hearts & Minds

  • Learn how to craft compelling narratives and messages to inspire buy-in.
  • Discuss influencing strategies, leveraging persuasion, empathy, and storytelling to drive change.
  • Discuss leading practices for building teams and alliances to support and champion the change effort.

Driving resilience & initiative sustainability

  • Learn strategies to help teams and individuals navigate uncertainty and setbacks.
  • Discuss different mechanisms for continuous improvement and lasting change.
  • Discover opportunities to recognize and reward milestones to maintain momentum.

This training will help your leaders & managers

Define inclusive leadership

Engage direct repors with empathy

Influence upwards with inclusion

Drive equitable business decisions

An improved workplace culture starts with training.

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Creating a workplace culture where everyone does their best work starts with training.


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"I've learned today that this is an ongoing process that will be continually evolving. I think [the instructor] is an amazing facilitator and I love how she always had valuable insights and examples to share from personal experiences. It was very interactive and she kept it "fresh" all the way. I loved it!"
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November 2022

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