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An organization’s most valuable asset and resource is its workforce. As we move forward as a society into the Era of Inclusion, Diversity Managers serve a pivotal role in keeping their organization in alignment with its DEI initiatives. Doing DEI right can be a challenging landscape to navigate without the assistance of a positioning system to track your location and guide you to where you need to go.

Just as GPS revolutionized our ability to get from point A to B, DEI roadmapping tools have emerged to help organizations streamline the process of implementing DEI best practices in the workplace. Two of the most popular workplace roadmapping solutions, Culture Amp and Diversio, are growing rapidly and generating a lot of interest. So what are the key differences between Culture Amp vs. Diversio?

What is Culture Amp?

Culture Amp was originally an employee survey platform, founded in 2009 to help companies gather anonymous, authentic data from their staff. Over time, Culture Amp developed tools to help companies take action on the data they gather, with analytics that include team goal tracking and turnover prediction. Culture Amp is a values-driven company, and a registered B Corp. Culture Amp is focused on improving the employee experience from day one, with a wide range of integrations that make their tools easy to use.

How Does Culture Amp Work?

The basic Culture Amp process is as follows:

  1. Employers create their employee survey, using Culture Amp science-backed templates or in collaboration with the Culture Amp team
  2. Survey data is analyzed, generating a wide range of actionable data, including leader reports, analytics, turnover prediction, and more
  3. Culture Amp generates action plans that are informed by psychology, data science, and real-world proven techniques

Culture Amp also has tools to help improve team performance by engaging both managers and employees. Employee development tools track skills over time and create a culture of feedback.

Culture Amp’s insights, tools, and benchmarks are developed with advanced psychological science, and data & research informed by millions of anonymous employee surveys completed on their platform.

What is Diversio?

Diversio is a woman-owned, people-first organization with a mission to help companies become more inclusive. Diversio believes that inclusion means everyone, so their platform supports all kinds of diversity, including gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and Indigenous identity. Diversio uses a short, anonymous survey, and then analyzes results with Natural Language Processing to identify areas for improvement.

Diversio’s proprietary AI was developed by social scientists, engineers, and diversity advocates for accurate, measurable results. Diversio’s benchmarking platform allows companies to compare their results against custom benchmarks, whether they want to be measured against a community, an industry, or global leaders in diversity and inclusion. Identify the right solutions with programs, policies, and interventions that are specific and proven to work in the real world, and follow through with Diversio’s comprehensive D&I training programs.

How Does Diversio Work?

Here is a brief overview of the Diversio Workforce process:

  1. Using an Enterprise plug-in, or a 4-minute pulse survey, Diversio gathers anonymous employee sentiment about diversity and inclusion
  2. Survey data is measured and analyzed with tailored benchmarks that include team-specific challenges, custom benchmarks for inclusion sub-metrics, and more
  3. Diversio’s Recommendation Engine identifies the most effective solutions for your diversity pain points with validated solutions and expert support
  4. The Diversio dashboard tracks progress over time with quantitative metrics that show the impact of your interventions

The Diversio platform has additional features for employers, like a Bias Corrector that analyzes company messages for cultural challenges that can be incorporated into the Recommendation Engine.

Diversio also offers D&I solutions that look outside the limits of your organization. The Diversio Social Media Barometer tracks public perception to guard your reputation, with a real-time Risk Score to keep you ahead of potential problems.

Diversio also has an analytics dashboard that measures DEI across whole portfolios. Investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms can manage risk and enhance value by using Diversio to improve diversity and inclusion in their portfolio.

Differences Between Culture Amp vs. Diversio

While the two companies may be superficially similar, there are several key differences between Culture Amp and Diversio.

Feature Diversio Culture Amp
Training & Toolkits X X
Bias Corrector X
Risk Barometer X
Connect Feature X
Data Collection Compliance Monitoring X
Qualitative Human Overlay X X
Personalized Results Dashboard X X
Industry Benchmarks X X
Inclusion Breakdown Tool (Intersectionality) X X
Inclusion Pain Point Identifier X X
Natural Language Processing Technology X X
Detailed Breakdown of Employee Demographics X
Diversity Breakdown by Role X
Diversity Certification X
Inclusion Tracker X
Anonymous Free Text Responses X X
AI-Powered Inclusion Recommendation Engine X

Here are the most important distinctions:

  • Diversity vs. Engagement. While Culture Amp is including more diversity data in their survey process, it is at heart a tool about employee engagement. Diversio is specifically about measuring and improving diversity and inclusion, with customized solutions and proven interventions for that goal. Diversio can take data from any HR platform and import it into its dashboard, extending its functionality and adding value to other HR/DEI processes and programs.
  • AI vs. Human Intelligence. Data analysis at Culture Amp is done by a multidisciplinary team of in-house experts. Diversio combines in-house expertise with a proprietary AI to add rigor and accuracy to data analysis.
  • Global vs. Internal Focus. The focus of Culture Amp is primarily internal, with tools that allow companies to improve the performance and engagement of specific teams, or even individual employees, over time. Diversio has a suite of tools to support company internal D&I improvement and initiatives, but also has external tools like social sentiment monitoring, and a D&I solution specifically for venture capital and private equity portfolios.

Culture Amp and Diversio are both innovative roadmapping solutions, designed to improve your workforce. The biggest difference is that Culture Amp is primarily designed to improve employee engagement and retention, and diversity may be only one data point in the analysis. Diversio is focused on improving all aspects of diversity and inclusion, at all levels of an organization. It also offers tools to help monitor public perception, or analyze an entire portfolio, for diversity and inclusion.

If your goal is to build a company that is diverse and truly inclusive, where employees are empowered to be their best and make a difference, book a Diversio demo today and begin effectively implementing DEI best practices in your organization.

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