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Measure Your Entire Portfolio’s Diversity & Inclusion Risk

Diagnose Problem Areas & Fix Them

With both consumers and investors pressuring organizations to improve their diversity & inclusion, understanding your portfolio’s DEI make-up is a crucial part of risk evaluation.


Average drop in market capitalization following a “bad behavior” scandal (e.g. harassment).

Improve Your DEI Advantage

How Diversio Helps Public, Private, & Portfolio Organizations

Diversio for Portfolios captures, analyzes, and benchmarks DEI data across all of your portfolio companies, providing you with consolidated portfolio metrics, along with AI-generated recommendations for improving any DEI-related issues that come to light. This allows you to see each portfolio company’s social risk exposure and potential internal issues, and empowers you to confidently attract investors in an era where diversity & inclusion has become critical for an organization’s long-term success.

Social Risk Assessment

Analyze DE&I metrics of your portfolio companies and external asset managers to manage risks by avoiding harassment scandals and potential liabilities

Enhance your Value Creation Strategy

Identify portfolio companies that are lagging behind and provide operational DE&I support through a targeted engagement strategy

Gain Critical DE&I Insights

Complement fundamental investment analysis with material DE&I data. One consistent and comparable data source on DE&I for private and public market exposure

Why Use Diversio

The World’s First AI-based DEI Platform

Our award-winning dashboard, powered by AI technology and backed with a first-of-its-kind Recommendation Engine, quantifies experiences, uncovers biases, identifies solutions, and tracks progress. The result is a measurably more inclusive workplace.

1Quickly Capture & Analyze Data Across Your Portfolio

Analyze the DEI metrics of your portfolio companies and external asset managers to surface risks and manage potential liabilities.

2Enhance Your Value Creation Strategy

Identify portfolio companies that are lagging behind and proactively provide DEI support to increase their value.

3Proven AI-powered
Business Solutions

By clearly diagnosing problem areas, our first-of-its-kind, AI-powered Recommendation Engine will create a bespoke plan for improving your specific needs with proven, real-world business solutions.

4Benchmark Against
Your Industry Peers

With Diversio’s robust dataset (tens of thousands of global companies), you can see how your organization stacks up against your industry peers, as well as complement fundamental investment analysis with DEI data to account for private and public market exposure.

5Attract &
Retain Top Talent

Create an inclusive company culture to improve performance & reduce turnover, as well as signal your DEI commitment for new candidates. Your organization is only as good as its people, and DEI has become one of the most important factors in a candidate’s evaluation process.

6Eliminate Social
& Fiscal Risk

In today’s world, all it takes is one negative tweet to ruin an organization’s reputation and customer base. Find out where you stand and eliminate problems before they go public with our Sentiment Analyzer.

Diversio Features

Simple & Fast DEI Reporting

Unmatched Industry Benchmarking

AI-powered Recommendation Engine

Detailed Heatmap of Pain Points

Sophisticated Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostics

Multi-dimensional Results Tracking

Powerful Insight into Your Portfolio

AI-powered Measurement,
Diagnosis, & Improvement of your portfolio’s DEI metrics

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The Diversio Dashboard

Simple, Powerful, & Unique

Our award-winning dashboard is backed by experts & educational institutions, and powered by artificial intelligence to guide you through your DEI programming.

1) Capture

Through years of research, we’ve developed a unique workforce survey that captures far more than just demographic data, in far fewer questions than is typical,
to not only surface more nuanced information, but also greatly increase participation rates (employees have enough to do without asking them to fill out 50+ questions on their work environment). The results are analyzed and returned in two weeks or less, and measured with our proprietary Inclusion ScoreTM, providing insight into areas such as culture, management, career development, and more.

  • Short survey for greatly improved participation rates
  • Fast processing of results – two weeks or less
  • Easy-to-understand scoring for both diversity & inclusion
diversio inclusion scorecard dashboard

2) Identify

Using a combination of AI, natural language processing (NLP), and our own subject matter experts, our Diversio Dashboard allows you to delve deeper into the state of your organization’s DEI pain points. A six-part Inclusion Framework is used to categorize the results and identify potential systemic bias, while maintaining complete anonymity to protect employees.

  • Analyze employee experience and identify systemic bias using a proven six-part Inclusion Framework
  • Natural language processing identifies patterns in challenges faced by your employees
  • Automatic anonymization to protect employees

3) Diagnose

Leveraging self-identified employee data on demographics (e.g. gender identification, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, disability, and mental health), role, tenure, region and position, and experience (using a proprietary Inclusion Scorecard), the results are benchmarked against both industry average and internal Dominant Group and displayed in a heatmap to easily visualize detailed and specific pain points. This enables our AI-powered Recommendation Engine to provide bespoke interventions based on proven, real-world business solutions.

  • Heat Map highlights pain points
  • Benchmark against both industry average and internal Dominant Group.
  • Analyze data by office location, department, seniority & tenure

4) Improve

Our proprietary Recommendation Engine uses a global database
of over 1,200 tested and validated programs, policies, tools, and best practices to generate proven interventions specific to the pain points identified in your results. The proprietary matching algorithms identify the highest-impact solutions relevant to your diagnoses and organizational structure. The AI system also continually learns and refines its predictive capabilities as it takes in new data from all Diversio clients (public and private, enterprise and SMEs).

  • First-of-its-kind Recommendation Engine provides real-world business interventions to solve DEI pain points
  • Database of over 1,200 proven solutions

5) Track

Diversity is not a one-time implementation, but a continuous journey of improvement. Once the diagnostic is completed and proper interventions have been implemented, the Diversio Dashboard will track the results in the Diversio Dashboard for an easy-to-use, interactive visual representation of your DEI evolution. Diversio’s Client Success and Data teams also provide ongoing support to clients with monthly consulting, targeted training sessions and DEI workshops.

  • Measure progress to demonstrate & track the effectiveness of your DEI programming
  • Tracking D&I isn’t a one-time process, but a long-term journey that helps you resolve your company’s top inclusion pain points

Powered by AI

Diversio’s unique technology was developed by a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, diversity advocates and engineers. The system uses natural language processing and matching algorithms to add rigor and accuracy to your diversity, equity, & inclusion strategy.

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