Measure Your Entire Portfolio’s Diversity & Inclusion Risk

Diagnose Problem Areas & Fix Them

With both consumers and investors pressuring organizations to improve their diversity & inclusion, understanding your portfolio’s DEI make-up is a crucial part of risk evaluation.

Diversio’s AI-powered dashboard evaluates key DEI metrics across your entire portfolio, diagnoses problem areas, and generates real-world business solutions to eliminate those risks before they impact performance or creates a PR crisis.

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Why Use Diversio?

The World’s First AI-based DEI Platform

Eliminate Social & Fiscal Risk

In today’s world, all it takes is one negative tweet ruin an organization’s reputation and customer base. Find out where you stand and eliminate problems before they go public.

Benchmark Against Your Industry Peers

With Diversio’s robust data set of tens of thousands of companies across the globe, you can see how your organization stacks up against your industry peers.

Proven AI-powered Business Solutions

By clearly diagnosing problem areas, our first-of-its-kind, AI-powered “Recommendation Engine” will create a bespoke plan for improving your specific needs with proven, real-world business solutions.

Powerful, Fast &
Easy to Use

Our powerful and easy-to-use dashboard uses our proprietary “Inclusion Score” to easily identify pain points, diagnose the cause, & track improvements to your DEI metrics.

Quickly Capture & Analyze Data

Get results in 2 weeks or less using our unique pulse survey, built to increase participation rates while gathering much more than simple demographic data.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Create an inclusive company culture to improve performance & reduce turnover, as well as signal your commitment to DEI for new candidates.

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AI-Powered Measurement, Diagnosis, & Improvement

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How It Works



Intake data on employee experience through a 4-minute pulse survey or an enterprise plug-in.

Authored with experts

Our proprietary 6-part Inclusion Framework was co-authored with leading academics on diversity & inclusion at the University of Toronto. People are busy, so we keep our survey to 4 minutes and see an average response rate of 80%.

Privacy first

Our data collection process is secure and puts privacy first. The data we collect is anonymous and strict privacy rules ensure that no individual employee can ever be identified through their answers.



Use Natural Language Processing to pinpoint the most pressing areas for improvement.

Know where you stand

We create tailored diversity & inclusion benchmarks using a proprietary dataset of more than 21,000 companies around the world.

Get specific

We understand that inclusion means everyone, and our system supports many kinds of diversity: gender, race, ethnicity, Indigenous identity, sexual orientation, mental health, and disability.



Leverage our Recommendation Engine to identify the most effective solutions for your organization’s pain points.

Proven to work

We use matching algorithms to identify the best programs and policies from a catalogue of more than 1,000 validated solutions.

Expert support

Our team can help you develop a customized strategy and focus your resources where it counts.



Track progress as you transform your workplace

Quantitative metrics

See the impact of interventions on recruitment, retention and advancement.

Human experience

Grow productity and innovation as employees feel more included and engaged.

Who we’ve helped

“Diversio’s technology has offered us concrete, data-driven insights about diversity & inclusion at Canada Learning Code. By better understanding our D&I efforts and implementing solutions from Diversio’s recommendation engine, we’ve been able to drive meaningful change and inclusion.”

Melissa Sariffodeen – Co-Founder & CEO of Canada Learning Code