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While 54% of employers in the U.S. have a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy in place, there is still room to grow, especially with some industries requiring DEI data disclosure. In fact, in August 2022, the House Financial Services Committee Democrats requested DEI data from fintech companies specifically. Other sectors, too, have been moving towards more transparency of DEI metrics.

Whether you have reporting requirements in your sector or just want to create a better organization, you may be searching for solutions to help you launch, monitor, and create DEI initiatives. There are many related products on the market, including Diversio and Qlearsite.

Qlearsite vs. Diversio: An Overview

Here is a summary of the features and functionalities of Diversio and Qlearsite.

Feature Diversio Qlearsite
Training & Toolkits X
Bias Corrector X
Risk Barometer X
Connect Feature X
Data Collection Compliance Monitoring X
Qualitative Human Overlay X X
Personalized Results Dashboard X X
Industry Benchmarks X
Inclusion Breakdown Tool (Intersectionality) X X
Inclusion Pain Point Identifier X X
Natural Language Processing Technology X X
Detailed Breakdown of Employee Demographics X X
Diversity Breakdown by Role X X
Diversity Certification X
Inclusion Tracker X X
Anonymous Free Text Responses X X
AI-Powered Inclusion Recommendation Engine™ X

What Is Qlearsite?

Qlearsite was established in 2015 to offer companies a way to gather workplace insights through short employee surveys. The platform transforms surveys about organizational fitness, employee engagement, employee fitness, and diversity and inclusion into visual results that can be used to take action.

How Does Qlearsite Work?

Qlearsite allows companies to create employee surveys. Choose from over 20 different employee-focused topics and send your survey in 15 minutes, using pre-established questions. You can also choose to create your own survey.

Once the results are in, Qlearsite has a pre-built dashboard to let you see your company results in charts and graphs. You can use report templates to share insights with your team and make decisions about how to act on what you have learned. Qlearsite’s advanced language analysis lets you find themes in employee comments without needing to read each one individually.

What Is Diversio?

Diversio is a woman-owned business focused exclusively on providing DEI solutions for companies, portfolio firms, and other organizations. It is also the first AI-powered DEI platform in the world. The goal of the Diversio team is to empower companies to build diverse and equitable workplaces that are welcoming to all talent.

How Does Diversio Work?

Diversio uses metrics and advanced data analytics as well as an AI-powered platform to gather, analyze, and help you act on metrics in your company. It starts with anonymous, four-minute surveys which allow you to gather and analyze data about who your team is and how they feel about equity and inclusion in your organization. These surveys allow you to see how much diversity you have in different parts of your company and in your workplace overall, as well as the level of inclusion across your organization.

With natural language processing (NLP), Diversio analyzes your workplace data, targeting what is most important to address. Your metrics are also benchmarked using Diversio’s proprietary dataset, so you can see where you stand in comparison to your peers and industry.

Once your data is analyzed, Diversio’s AI-powered Recommendation Engine™ offers field-tested strategies and programs that address your specific pain points and challenges, providing you with a roadmap for your DEI efforts.

During this journey, you’re not alone. Diversio offers training, expert support, and tools. Resources like the Bias Corrector, for example, target challenges in your messaging platform, while Diversio’s Social Media Barometer keeps active tabs on social networks to determine external perceptions and to evaluate risks that could lead to PR issues.

Qlearsite vs. Diversio: What Are the Differences?

The key differences between the two can mostly be attributed to the fact that Diversio is DEI-specific and designed to create action, while Qlearsite is designed primarily to take the pulse of a workplace through surveys. Key differences include:

Industry Benchmarks

Every industry has its unique challenges, so it can be useful to see how your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts compare to others in your industry. This can provide you with the most accurate view of how you are really doing. Diversio offers clear industry benchmarks, letting you understand your metrics in a wider context. Right now, Qlearsite does not offer such a feature.

Solutions Beyond Surveys

Qlearsite is focused on employee surveys, providing a good source of metrics. While Diversio also allows you to create and launch surveys for your employees, with Diversio, metrics are just the start. Once you have your data, you can understand diversity by defining characteristics or you can look at diversity and inclusion metrics across departments or in leadership specifically. Crucially, the Recommendation Engine™ gives you actionable steps you can take, starting now, to improve DEI efforts. Diversio Certification gives you a public-facing way to demonstrate your commitment to DEI while Diversio training solutions can help you teach your HR and DEI professionals as well as your teams about DEI.

Solutions Based On Your Type of Organization

Diversio for Companies is designed for businesses and government organizations. Diversio for Portfolios helps you gather, analyze, and benchmark data across all your portfolio companies, recognizing the unique needs of organizations who work with multiple portfolio companies. Qlearsite is designed for companies in general.

The Diversio Inclusion Score™

Diversio uses an Inclusion Score framework that uses a specific number to give you a snapshot of ideas such as a safe work environment, fair management, and inclusivity at your company — ideas that organizations may find abstract without this framework. Using proprietary NLP algorithms developed by Diversio, companies can create open-ended survey questions and then target pain points with high accuracy. One Inclusion Score metric also allows companies to track progress over time, ensuring efforts are offering a return on investment and creating measurable change.

A Dedicated DEI Focus

Diversio specializes in DEI. This means Diversio has a high level of subject matter expertise and is staffed by professionals who understand DEI in-depth and who work closely with companies like yours to create change.

If you are interested only in employee surveys on a range of topics, Qlearsite may be right for you. If you are dedicated to DEI and want to see authentic change, driven by tested methods, metrics, and support from DEI experts, Diversio focuses on data, benchmarking, and action that can create a robust and strategic DEI strategy customized for your organization. To see how Diversio might work for you, request a demo today.

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Diversio DEI Expert
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