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Today, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are more important than ever before, with customers, job candidates, investors, vendors, and other stakeholders all considering the diversity and inclusion successes of the companies they choose to work with. Busy organizations can’t always tackle DEI efforts on their own, but fortunately there are platforms and tech solutions designed to help leaders measure DEI strategies and create measurable change.

Qualtrics 360 is one such solution, offering surveys and Qualtrics 360 reports. Who is Qualtrics 360 best for, what features does it have, and how does it compare to Diversio? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Qualtrics 360?

Qualtrics 360 is survey and feedback software. It’s a subscription, cloud-based solution that allows you to gather 360 employee feedback. The software allows you to create customized forms and Qualtrics 360 reports and helps you analyze 360 feedback from team members, managers, customers, and other stakeholders surveyed as part of the 360 feedback process.

The program allows you to develop questions, translate surveys into over 50 languages, and auto-populate surveys with names and questions to save you time. Qualtrics 360 visuals allow you to create graphs, charts, and other visuals to track employee progress and compare employee development over time.

Qualtrics, the company behind Qualtrics 360, was founded in 2002 and was acquired by SAP in 2019. The company has won awards and recognition for its work, including the number six ranking on the 2017 Forbes Cloud 100 list and a gold award from the Edison Awards for the Applied Technology category in 2020.

So how much does Qualtrics 360 cost? You can sign up for a free account with just surveys, but Qualtrics 360 pricing starts at $1,500 per year.

Why Companies Use Qualtrics 360

Qualtrics 360 allows companies to gather, prepare, and compare metrics about employee performance and development from a range of sources. This software lets managers and leadership gather feedback and reactions so they can either capitalize on opportunities or address problems fast.

For example, if an employee is struggling to implement new skills, the idea is that the software will catch that by allowing managers to compare past performance with current performance, allowing for more support and training for the employee.

Why Companies Don’t Use Qualtrics 360

Qualtrics 360 comes with many benefits and features, but it has some drawbacks, especially for companies interested in DEI strategy. Qualtrics 360 gathers data about a range of subjects related to employee experience and performance, but the focus is not on diversity and equity.

Company leaders are not experts in DEI and are not focused specifically on this area, whereas businesses may want to partner with companies with a strong focus and track record in the DEI space. We can see some further similarities and differences between Qualtrics and Diversio in this comparison chart:

Feature Qualtrics 360 Diversio
Risk Barometer


Data Collection Compliance Monitoring






Industry Benchmarks



Detailed Reports of Employee Demographics


Diversity Breakdown by Role


Training & Toolkits



Bias Corrector


Diversity Certification


Exclusive focus on DEI


Inclusion Pain Point Identifier



Natural Language Processing Technology



Connect Feature


Recommendations based on metrics



A greater concern may be that Qualtrics 360 relies heavily on the idea of 360 feedback, where information is gathered from a range of sources. The equity of 360 feedback and employee performance reviews at large has been questioned, with some studies finding that 26% of white men had mistakes mentioned on performance reviews while 31% of white women and 43% of people of color had problems mentioned in performance reviews. Studies such as these suggest unconscious bias may emerge in employee performance reviews, so basing a DEI strategy on this type of metric-gathering can be a challenge.

What Is Diversio?

Diversio is a woman-owned, people-first company established in 2018. The focus at Diversio is to help business leaders create diverse and inclusive workplaces where people want to work. Diversio is also the first DEI platform in the world to use artificial intelligence. With AI, the platform can gather diversity and inclusion metrics, analyze the data, compare it to industry benchmarks, and suggest specific actions businesses can take to foster measurable change.

Why Companies Choose Diversio

Companies turn to Diversio when they need a proven, data-driven solution for implementing DEI strategies. Without metrics and a way to compare DEI efforts with others in the industry or the ability to track progress over time, any DEI efforts are likely to be ad hoc, which is why Diversio offers specific solutions for different needs:

  • Diversio for Companies addresses the needs of private & public companies.
  • Diversio for Portfolios is for the unique needs of private equity & venture capital companies, which are in an industry that has been slow to adapt to change, that has historically not been diverse, & that requires buy-in from multiple investors & companies.
  • Diversio Certification helps companies show their commitment to DEI & teaches leadership the best DEI strategies & best practices.

Ultimately, companies choose Diversio because they have either been confronted with a problem, such as a public callout over lack of diversity, or because they want to make changes to realize the many benefits of having multiple voices on a team. With robust features and specialization in DEI, Diversio is not a way to get general information about your team but rather a way to examine every part of your company through the lens of equity and diversity so true change can happen.

Key Differences Between Qualtrics 360 & Diversio

Diversio and Qualtrics 360 have some similarities in that they both gather information and feedback. However, there are also a few significant differences:

  • Qualtrics 360 does not have a bias corrector. Diversio’s bias corrector analyzes company messages for issues & challenges, so the Recommendation Engine™ can create more accurate suggestions for change.
  • Qualtrics 360 does not have a risk barometer. Diversio’s Risk Score™ analyzes social channels to evaluate & identify inclusion & brand perception to target risks before they become larger problems.
  • Qualtrics 360 doesn’t feature inclusion breakdown capabilities. Diversio can measure intersectionality, helping you identify whether you have team members who need additional support to feel included.
  • Qualtrics 360 lacks detailed reporting of employee demographics. To establish a DEI initiative, you need to understand how your employees identify, & Diversio allows you to gather this information anonymously.
  • Qualtrics 360 does not offer a detailed report on diversity by role. Understanding how diverse your leadership, management, & other departments are is important to help you create DEI goals. Diversio’s Dashboard allows you to segment the data by role & department so you can see where your team is most inclusive & where there are opportunities to improve.
  • Diversio considers industry. Qualtrics 360 is designed for all kinds of businesses, but it does not consider your industry. Diversio, on the other hand, has separate solutions for companies & private equity & venture capital firms. Diversio also allows you to compare your metrics to benchmarks within your industry, a helpful feature since sectors have had differing success with DEI efforts.
  • Diversio offers respected Diversity Certification. Certification from Diversio means you have worked on making changes at your company. It’s a way to show investors, customers, & others your commitment to DEI.

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