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Training is a critical step in every organization’s journey to becoming more inclusive. Even those with the best intentions benefit from guidance on how to become true allies to those facing systemic barriers.

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DEI Training

Comprehensive DEI Programming

In order to drive meaningful cultural change in the workplace, companies must prioritize two things: establishing relevant infrastructure and gaining employee buy-in. Diversio helps clients accomplish both through a combination of the Diversio Dashboard and Diversio Academy. The Diversio Dashboard helps you create robust processes and procedures by recommending missing programs and policies and providing resources and templates needed to fill the gaps.

Through the Dashboard, you are able to access a library of 1,600+ resources that have been tested and validated by our in-house experts and shown to be effective at driving improvement in companies similar to yours. Working in parallel to the Dashboard, Diversio Academy offers a suite of live and asynchronous trainings designed to educate each employee at your company on relevant DEI topics.

How It Works

Diversio Academy is customized for each organization based on your unique challenges and goals.

Step 1: Identify the Focus Area of Your Training

Executives, managers, and employees have different needs when it comes to DEI training. Diversio Academy includes modules directed at every level and role within an organization. We work with you to identify the right audience for each training and make sure the material is specific for them.

Step 2: Select Your Priority Topics

Diversio collaborates with you to identify priority topics and creates curated content for your trainings. We leverage our technology to ensure training is highly relevant to your organization’s unique cultural context; taking into account your country, sector, size, and other relevant factors.

As you upgrade your internal programs and policies, it is necessary for employees to understand why the changes are

being made and how they can play their part in upholding DEI values day-to-day.

Diversio Academy ensures that:

HR Professionals

  • Apply a DEI lens to developing and launching workplace programs and policies as well as address unconscious bias in existing processes
  • Know how to use DEI data to identify challenges and set goals for improvement
  • Recruit diverse candidates and practice inclusive hiring procedures
  • Understand the microaggressions, biases, harassment and discrimination faced by under-represented employees and work to
    alleviate these issues daily


  • Recognize personal biases and structural barriers faced by direct reports from
    under-represented groups
  • Adjust performance review processes to address unconscious biases
  • Give and ask for upwards feedback from direct reports as well as act on this
    feedback to build more inclusive team dynamics
  • Ensure team building activities are inclusive of everyone, regardless of identity or background


  • Understand how to set the tone-from-the-top and model inclusive behavior for all employees
  • Use DEI data so establish organization-wide goals and maintain accountability
  • Practice allyship on a daily basis and mentor employees from
    under-represented groups
  • Set expectations for management when it comes to inclusive practices


  • Support DEI initiatives and see the importance of cultivating an inclusive
  • Embrace allyship and show up for under-represented colleagues and peers
    in a genuine way
  • Intervene when witnessing discrimination or harassment
  • Value and celebrate colleagues and peers of all backgrounds and identities

Bespoke Plans

By using the Diversio Dashboard and its insightful inclusion Heatmap to diagnose specific pain points, Diversio can create a custom training plan and address the unique needs of your organization.

Example Training Topics:

Diversio Academy

Diversio offers a comprehensive curriculum of online training courses for HR, DEI professionals, and organizations that want to extend their knowledge, ensure they’re following best practices, and position their workplace culture for long-term success.

These self-run, video-based courses can be accessed and completed at your own pace to further your DEI knowledge and distinguish your resume. Companies that want to provide training to their employees can contact us for bundled pricing packages.

Diversio Academy currently includes:

Course 1: Introduction to Unconscious Bias
Course 2: Allyship in the Workplace
Course 3: Employee DEI Data Collection
Course 4: Inclusive Recruiting & Hiring
Course 5: Workplace Flexibility

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