Inclusion Metrics Event Series: Inclusive Culture

“Diverse employees often feel they need to compromise their authenticity to fit into company norms” – Harvard Business Review

An inclusive culture is one where employees feel like they are part of a team, and are able to meaningfully contribute alongside peers. Inclusive cultures are measured by the level team building, empathy building, employee engagement, adequate resourcing, and inclusive leadership. This recording of our live webinar event from June 25th, 2022 walks through these topics, touching on the following topics:

  • What does inclusive career development look like?
  • How can companies provide and encourage mentorship and networking opportunities?
  • How can you improve employee access to networks?
  • What impact does inclusive career development have on the workplace?
  • Questions from the audience.

Diversio DEI Expert
Diversio DEI Expert
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Ekua Quansah
Head of EDI, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

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