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Leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion to enhance impact and effectiveness across non-profit organizations, fostering a more equitable society.
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Non-Profits Industry

The Non-Profits is Evolving

Inclusivity in Volunteer and Staff Recruitment

Non-profits often face challenges in attracting and retaining a diverse volunteer base and staff, especially at the leadership levels. This can limit the organization's perspective and its ability to serve diverse communities effectively.
Data-driven decision making

Data-driven decision making Use analytics to inform HR decisions. Analyze recruitment & promotion data, to identify patterns of biases. Leverage intersectional data in analysis and reports to pinpoint exactly what gaps need improvement.

Cultural Competency and Awareness

There is a crucial need for cultural competency within non-profits to ensure that they effectively address the needs of the communities they serve. Lack of awareness and sensitivity can hinder their mission and outreach efforts.
Networking & training

Networking & training Participation in networks & forums focusing on DEI in non-profits, offer a platform to share, learn, & grow as a community. Diversio training programs are tailored to address the unique challenges & scenarios of the non-profit sector, making them more relevant & impactful.

Funding and Resource Allocation for DEI Initiatives

Non-profits often operate with limited resources, which can make it challenging to allocate sufficient funds and attention to DEI initiatives, despite recognizing their importance.
Industry benchmarks

Industry benchmarks Leveraging Diversio to track progress and benchmark to your industry, so you can foster a workplace where diverse voices feel valued, are heard, and have room to grow. Ensure that when you recruit diverse talent they are motivated to stay. Inclusivity is not just a policy but a lived reality.

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“The Diversio assessment has brought attention to areas we need to improve, and we are grateful for the tool that allows us to monitor our progress and strive for even better diversity, equity, and inclusion results.”
Jane Fedoretz
Chief Technology Officer | TransAlta
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Complete Guide to DEI in Non-Profits

The global Non-Profits industry is changing. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) play a key role in this transformation. Historically, the sector has seen patterns and practices that now need a fresh approach.

Annual Certifications

Professional & workplace certifications to display your commitment to DEI to your peers, industry, & audience.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Diversio offers a suite of live and self-paced training to educate team members, in all departments and seniorities, on their individual impact and contributions to building an inclusive company culture.


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