Glint Survey vs. Diversio

More and more organizations are looking for ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, improve employee retention, and create a better employee experience. In recent years, there has been an explosion of tools and techniques that help companies measure and improve their employee experiences. Glint Inc. software is an employee success platform, but does it support DEI initiatives? And how do Glint surveys compare to Diversio?

Glint Survey vs. Diversio Overview

Here is a summary overview of the similarities and differences between Glint and Diversio:

Feature Diversio Glint
Training & Toolkits X limited
Bias Corrector X
Connect Feature X
Data Collection Compliance Monitoring X X
Qualitative Human Overlay X X
Personalized Results Dashboard X X
Industry Benchmarks X limited
Inclusion Breakdown Tool (Intersectionality) X
Inclusion Pain Point Identifier X X
Natural Language Processing Technology X X
Detailed Breakdown of Employee Demographics X
Diversity Breakdown by Role X
Diversity Certification X
Inclusion Tracker X
Anonymous Free Text Responses X X
AI-Powered Inclusion Recommendation Engine X

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What is Glint Survey?

Glint Inc. software is a people success platform with solutions for employee engagement, employee development, and diversity and inclusion. It was founded in 2013 and was purchased by LinkedIn in 2018.

How Does Glint Survey Work?

Like many employee engagement platforms, Glint works by collecting data from regular employee pulse surveys and providing company managers and leaders with a dashboard of results that identify employee sentiment and potential pain points. Glint protects employee anonymity by only offering the dashboard view to people who manage 5 or more people, reducing the likelihood of results being individually identifiable.

There are many different types of Glint surveys and survey programs. The four core types of Glint survey programs are:

  1. People success
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Employee development
  4. Diversity and inclusion

Glint surveys can be issued weekly, monthly, or quarterly, or can be available on-demand to employees. The surveys are primarily focused on the central question of employee happiness. Diversity and inclusion surveys are focused on the sense of belonging.

Glint’s people scientists work with the product team and Natural Language Processing to ensure that results are as accurate as possible.

When Glint surveys indicate an area for improvement, managers, leaders, and employees are encouraged to use the appropriate LinkedIn Learning modules to create improvement, and regular surveys track progress over time.

What is Diversio?

Founded in 2018, Diversio is a woman-owned company committed to supporting diverse, inclusive workplaces. Diversio is the first DEI platform that uses proprietary artificial intelligence to analyze diversity and inclusion data, and suggest proven recommendations to drive meaningful change.

How Does Diversio Work?

Diversio uses short surveys that take just 4 minutes to complete. Anonymous employee data is analyzed within our proprietary 6-part Inclusion Framework. Results are analyzed using natural language processing, pinpointing the most important areas for improvement. Results can be compared using Diversio’s benchmarks, which are tailored for each company, using a proprietary dataset of more than 21,000 organizations.

After survey results are analyzed and pain points are identified, Diversio’s AI-powered Recommendation Engine suggests powerful programs and policies that are proven to work. Diversio also offers expert support, training, and interventions that really make a difference. Diversio also has unique capabilities not offered by other engagement platforms, including:

  • Bias Corrector. Diversio’s Bias Corrector plugs into your messaging platform to analyze team dynamics and identify challenges.
  • Certifications. Diversio’s globally recognized certifications indicate a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Key Differences Between Glint Survey and Diversio

While both organizations have proven success and benefits, here are the key differences between Glint Inc. Software and Diversio:

  • Glint has limited benchmarking. Glint does offer external benchmarking against a global comparison group but suggests that it only be used for the first survey results. Afterward, Glint encourages organizations to benchmark against their own results to track progress. Diversio believes that benchmarking is a valuable tool, and allows organizations to benchmark with customized comparisons within their region, industry, or against global leaders in diversity and inclusion.
  • Glint has limited interventions. Glint surveys focus heavily on the process of change, using a collaborative and communicative model. Frontline managers, company leadership, and employees are directed to LinkedIn Learning resources with modules that are relevant to their pain points. While offering frontline managers more information on how to provide positive feedback and recommendations is a good start, many organizations need interventions that are more specific, larger in scope, and more targeted toward a culture of change and inclusion. Diversio’s AI-powered Recommendation Engine creates bespoke plans and policies to build an inclusive workplace. Diversio also offers customized training, workshops, and consulting services to build a truly inclusive culture, addressing topics like including unconscious bias, D&I best practices, D&I investment, intersectionality, and mental health.
  • Diversio has external listening. While employee sentiment is important, it isn’t the only factor worth measuring. Diversio’s social listening capabilities help companies monitor public perception, and address diversity issues before they become a Press Relations (PR) issue.

Ultimately, while Glint surveys may be a good way to measure employee satisfaction, the Glint platform offers very limited tools for actually creating change and making progress. For companies who are truly committed to diversity and inclusion, and who need the tools and resources to create change, Diversio is the obvious choice. Contact us today to learn more.

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