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Men smiling excitedly while extending a hand for high five with a colleague raising her hand with a happy expression. Background is yellow and abstract
DEI 101・Allyship in the workplace
DEI Data Analysis
Image of young asian man wearing a red beanie hat, standing next to an asian woman sitting down looking at a laptop on the desk
Asian Allyship
Image of woman sitting with a laptop on her lap. Yellow abstract shapes in background
Unconscious Bias
Image of woman looking at document while similing, with a male coworker smiling next to her
Women Allyship
Black young woman in the workplace sitting next to a white woman smiling as friends and peers
Black Allyship
Black woman with curly hair and turtle neck shirt looking at her side as if speaking to employees with authority
Change Management
Woman with empathetic look on her face sitting next to a male coworker in distress.
Mental Health Allyship
Business man pointing to a computer screen in helpful manner, standing next to a neurodiverse employee
Neurodivesity Allyship
Racially diverse employees standing in a group while a black man shakes the hand of a black woman as if they agree on workplace policy
Workplace Flexibility
White business woman sitting on chair and smiling while looking at laptop
Inclusive Leadership
Black woman smiling at camera with colleagues in the background
Inclusive Recruitment

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